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March 07, 2014

Troy Senik – Orange County Register

Millenials Face Double Jeopardy

Many millennials are languishing at the intersection of their outsized expectations and the economy’s lack of opportunities.



March 03, 2014

Virginia Bridges – News & Observer

Backstory: Connecting Adult Children, Elderly With Health Services

Nancy Ruffner likens her senior advocacy services company Navigate NC to that of a professional relative.



February 14, 2014

Jada A. Graves – U.S.News & World Report

Should You Date Your Co-Worker?

Love doesn’t always first blossom during a chance encounter; sometimes it blooms around the water cooler.



February 03, 2014

John Agno – Career Women Coaching Blog

Work and Romance

As the lines between work and personal time continue to blur, those who make a love connection in the office might find it harder to separate the two.