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The Hidden Cost of Absenteeism:

New Workplace Options Absence Tracking Helps Businesses Mitigate Missed Work


Jon Weiner


RALEIGH, October 06, 2010 Workplace Options, a leading global provider of work-life benefits and employee support services, today announced Workforce Advantage Absence Tracking, a new employee absence tracking tool for businesses seeking to reduce unplanned absences and manage employee productivity. Adding to the companys robust catalogue of services, the tool will be available through Workplace Options Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) partners.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, American businesses lose an average of 2.8 million work days each year due to unplanned absences. These absences cost U.S. employers more than $74 billion . In addition, a Mercer/Marsh survey on health, productivity and absence management reported that unplanned absences caused a 54 percent decrease in productivity/output and a 39 percent drop in sales and customer service .


As companies focus on cost-cutting measures to survive the economic downturn, more organizations are examining the impact absences have on their workforce and the bottom line.


Absenteeism has an even wider impact on businesses than the cost of lost productivity, said Alan King, president and chief operating officer at Workplace Options. When an employee has an unplanned absence, workflow is disrupted and additional work often lands in the laps of colleagues, resulting in disgruntled staff. Customer service and teamwork can also suffer.


Reports indicate that simply having an absence tracking tool in place can decrease the rate of absences. Implementing a tracking tool helps companies manage and control absences so that absences dont manage and control their businesses, added King.


Designed to integrate with a companys EAP programs and other benefits, the Workplace Options tool is available free of any additional charge to Advantage Work-Life customers. Clients can use the web-based application to track and review employee absence trends and identify opportunities to proactively support their staff when problematic absences arise.


Integrating the absence tracking tool with an organizations EAP solution provides the opportunity for management to identify absences of a certain nature, and connect staff with the appropriate EAP service to help. For example, if an employee reports multiple absences related to stress, dependent care or even a sore back, the organization can refer the employee to services that company has purchased to help resolve the issue.


Introducing employee absence tracking as an integrated service for our clients is a natural addition to our world-class employee support because it offers an added layer of support for businesses, said Dean Debnam, chief executive officer at Workplace Options. Our EAP partners services are all about improving satisfaction and work-life balance for employees while improving productivity and retention for companies. Tracking and analyzing absences not only helps keep employees on the job, it keeps employees connected to the right support resources. Its a terrific, proactive management solution and were excited to see what cost-savings and productivity results it will bring our clients.


Workplace Options is the first work-life provider to offer absence tracking to EAPs as an integrated service at no additional charge. The employee absence tracking solution is available immediately as an integrated service and can be customized to suit each individual organization. For more information on Workforce Advantage Absence Tracking or other products and services offered by Workplace Options, visit or call 800-699-8011. #*



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