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Work-Life Balance and Workplace Trend Polls


Workplace Options conducts national polls to determine and track emerging trends that impact working people and their families. From employee satisfaction and retention, to workplace stress and financial concerns, Workplace Options’ polls provide insight into the challenges today’s employees face and the business benefits of helping employees maintain work-life balance.


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20 May 2014

Poll: Americans Not Too Keen on Co-workers Who Smoke Pot

Half of American workers say confidence drops in colleagues who use marijuana recreationally; millennials’ outlook much less severe

Press Release | DATA PDF


01 February 2014

Poll: One Out of Ten People Have Faked a Work Emergency to Get Out of a Bad Date

A new poll from Workplace Options asks Americans about work and romance

Press Release | DATA PDF


31 January 2014

January’s Over: Employees Weigh in on New Year’s Resolutions

More than half of American workers say that wellness programs help employees reach their goals

Press Release | DATA PDF