Workplace Options is making news. These articles reference our company or one of our many polls on topics on emerging trends that impact workers and their families.

White Swan Foundation - Maulika Sharma

  Dec 29, 2015

Your Definition of Success Impacts Your Child

Everyone wants to be a success. No one wants to be a failure. And understandably so. Success and failure, however, are terms meant to define events, not people.

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Amanda Hoyle - Triangle Business Journal

  Dec 07, 2015

CEO of Workplace Options buys two office buildings in Raleigh

Dean Debnam, CEO of Raleigh-based Workplace Options, has acquired two more office buildings at the Highwoods Office Park in north Raleigh in anticipation of the need to beef up his staff going into 2016.

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Barry Helmich - News.com.au

  Dec 07, 2015

Five Simple Ways to Improve your Email Habits

According to a survey by Workplace Options, 59 per cent of American workers use their mobile devices to do work after normal business hours.

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Greg Kratz - Deseret News

  Jul 14, 2015

Poll: Family Finance Concerns Spill Over to Workplace

In a new poll, 59 percent of people admitted that they regularly dealt with personal financial matters during the workday. How does this affect their focus at the office and their work-life mix?

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Sandy Smith - EHS Today

  Jun 03, 2015

Life Beyond Work: What’s Really Gobbling Up Employees’ Attention?

A new Workplace Options poll finds that 87 percent of working Americans spend on-the-clock hours managing personal affairs.

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Greg Kratz - Deseret News

  Apr 08, 2015

Workers are Managing Lives from the Office, Study Finds

Debnam says many businesses, especially large ones, are looking at ways to more effectively support employees and help them focus on the job while they’re at the office.

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Donna Rosato - TIME/Money

  Apr 07, 2015

Why Checking Email After Work Is Bad for Your Career—and Your Health

59% of American workers say they use their mobile devices to do work after normal business hours, according to a recent Workplace Options survey.

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Yuki Noguchi - NPR

  Apr 01, 2015

Tragedy Highlights Workplace Approaches to Mental Health

When it comes to an employee’s mental health status, what does an employer need to know, or have a right to know?

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Kate Everson - Talent Management

  Mar 05, 2015

Playing Office Cupid

In a survey by Workplace Options, an employee benefits provider, 71 percent of millennial respondents thought that workplace romance had positive effects on their job performance.

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Cole Stangler - International Business Times

  Feb 18, 2015

Romance in the Office: Are Bosses Preventing Co-Workers from Falling in Love?

“If you have no rules or regulations, it’s analogous to being in the closet,” says Alan King, president of the Raleigh, North Carolina-based Workplace Options.

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