Alan King
Alan King
President and Chief Executive Officer

To our clients and members around the world, we want you to know that we are here for you.  Our offices may look a little different, you may occasionally hear the sound of our families in the background, and from time to time, the quality of our internet connection may vary.  Like you – like all of us – we are adjusting to a new normal and working real-time to adapt to the change that brings to our home and work lives.  My focus is on the health and safety of our employees, partners, providers and members and on the continuity, accessibility, and relevance of our services.  Now more than ever, it is critical that WPO deliver on our mission – that we are here to help people.

Besides working remotely, we are doing a few more things differently.  For the safety of our members and providers, we have suspended face-to-face counseling and instead, significantly expanded and increased our capacity for telephone and video counseling support.  We have added new virtual modalities and group sessions for mindfulness and resilience across multiple days and time zones, in English, French and Mandarin.  New languages will be added in the next few days and weeks.  In addition to our Keep Calm and Carry On webinar, we have added (and will continue to add) new specialty webinars and online forums to help with the adjustment to working for home, especially for parents and for those caring for older adults.  In the last few weeks alone, live attendance has topped 150,000, with thousands more viewing the recorded sessions.

What we have accomplished could not have happened without our incredible Workplace Options family – our counselors, coaches, and work-life specialists in every service center, including those dedicated to Military Onesource and Backup Care Advantage; our Rapid Response Critical Incident team, who have initiated more than 100 emergency hotlines since the pandemic began; our training team who developed and deployed new curricula in the moment, our business development, account management and implementation teams who have overseen the on-boarding of nearly 1 million new members in just the last four weeks alone; to our IT and Business Continuity teams who overnight moved an entire company from physical to virtual; to our support teams in Finance, HR, and Facilities; and to our leadership teams who understand the critical importance of leading by example.  I am honored to be a part of such an amazing group of people and grateful for every person.

I would also like to thank our providers and partners who help us reach every corner of the planet and who have continued to walk beside us as we discover new paths in a time of uncertainty.  And ultimately, I would like to thank you, our clients, for entrusting us with the care and support of your employees and their families, not just for this moment, but for every moment.

In the coming weeks, whether we can return to our offices or must carry on working from home, I want to reassure you that WPO is facing the COVID-19 pandemic with confidence, resilience, and with the full support and dedication of our 700+ colleagues around the world.  Together, we stand ready to continue to support our members through the emotional, physical, and practical impact of this extraordinary circumstance.  WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.


– Alan King, President and Chief Executive Officer