A Message from Workplace Options’ Leadership regarding workplace gender equality

Workplace gender equality is a hot topic, from equitable pay, to non-discrimination in hiring and promoting, to prevention of sexual harassment. The focus is on removing barriers to advancement for qualified people, regardless of gender.

These are worldwide issues, not limited to a particular region, as evidenced by the recent Global Gender Gap Report, by the World Economic Forum. At Workplace Options, our focus is to create an organization where all individuals are able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources, and opportunities.At Workplace Options, women play key roles at all levels of our organization, and are responsible for much of our success. Globally, 61% of our executives are women, along with 69% of our managers. We are strong supporters of #PressforProgress, #MeToo, #TimesUp, and everything that leads to progress, diversity, gender parity, women in leadership, and equality.Having individuals with different backgrounds and experience on our team gives us the advantage of multiple viewpoints, ideas, and broader knowledge. Understanding the importance of diversity to our business, we foster an all-inclusive working environment. We have comprehensive sexual harassment training for managers and employees, and a “be who you are” culture policy to encourage respect and acceptance. We recognize the value in each member of our team, and focus on our similarities, while celebrating our differences.We understand the importance of work-life integration and balance for our own team, and support them in various ways. For example, we make lactation rooms available, offer counseling services for new parents returning to work, and resources for finding child-care services.  We also provide a variety of other support programs for all employees.Workplace Options is proud to be hosting a free learning event in three time zones across the globe for all of our clients on International Women’s Day, the 8th of March. This is an exclusive learning event designed to motivate and unite colleagues across organizations to celebrate the contributions of women of all generations and the benefits they bring to our work environment.We will continue to promote gender equality, diversity, respect, and acceptance – both inside and outside our organization.


Dean Debnam                                Alan King
Chief Executive Officer                  Chief Operating Officer