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Spotlight – Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Feb 17, 2021

Spotlight on ZigZagHR magazine

More and more organisations provide their employees and their families with an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). Never heard of it? An EAP is a service that supports employees and managers in their mental, emotional, physical and practical wellbeing.

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Wall Street Journal – Andrea Petersen

Jun 23, 2020

Workplace Options Adapt is a Stress Test for Your Employees

Workplace Options just launched a tool to test your company’s reopening readiness. Adapt, as it’s known, is like a stress test for your company.

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Wall Street Journal – Andrea Petersen

Nov 11, 2019

Junior Year Abroad, With Help From Your Therapist

Schools are doing more to identify whether study abroad students might need mental health assistance before they go.

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Skift – Isaac Carey

Nov 4, 2019

Stress-Related Mental Health Risks are Rising for Business Travelers

Mental health is making up a rapidly growing number of calls to risk management companies, with stress-induced symptoms of anxiety and depression as one of the top issues travelers report.

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Benefits Pro – Katie Kuehner-Hebert

Aug 2, 2019

Survey: U.S. Workers at Increased Risk for Developing a Chronic Disease

Sedentary workers are particularly at risk of developing a chronic condition, and the number of younger workers at risk is alarming.

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ABC – Andrew Soergel

Jan 28, 2019

Companies Navigate Dementia Conversations With Older Workers

Faced with an aging American workforce, companies are increasingly navigating delicate conversations with employees grappling with cognitive declines, experts say. Workers experiencing early stages of dementia may struggle with tasks they had completed without difficulty.

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Triangle Business Journal – Ben Graham

  Nov 15, 2018

CEO of Growing Raleigh Company Buys Another Building for $4.8M

The CEO of a Raleigh company has closed on the purchase of yet another building near his company’s offices in north Raleigh – and has no plans of slowing his real estate investments in the near future, even as his company is projected to continue its own rapid growth.

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Bristol News – Martin Foxwell

  Jan 25, 2018

Consulting Corner: Addressing Assignee Mental Health Through EAPs

Jean-Baptiste Gruet (JB), Senior Vice President of Global Business Solutions for Workplace Options speaks with Bristol News about implementation and utilization of employee assistance programs around the world, unique stresses of mobile employees, removing stigma, and more.”

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Rachel Feintzeig – Wall Street Journal

  May 08, 2017

Feeling Burned Out at Work? Join the Club

Stress and anxiety are cited in 70% of the calls placed to phone-counseling lines at Workplace Options, a provider of employee-assistance programs; in 2014, 50% of callers complained of those feelings. Total calls to those counseling lines reached 42,500 last month, an 18% increase from 2016’s average.

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Dow Jones – Catey Hill

  Mar 24, 2016

Why 44% of Workers Can’t Sleep at Night

Employee cases related to stress jump 28% over three years, according to data from employee wellness program provider Workplace Options, which looked at data from more than 100,000 employees, and has a vested interest in helping employees overcome this stress.

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Amanda Hoyle – Triangle Business Journal

  Dec 7, 2015

CEO of Workplace Options buys two office buildings in Raleigh

Dean Debnam, CEO of Raleigh-based Workplace Options, has acquired two more office buildings at the Highwoods Office Park in north Raleigh in anticipation of the need to beef up his staff going into 2016.

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Barry Helmich – News.com.au

  Dec 7, 2015

Five Simple Ways to Improve your Email Habits

According to a survey by Workplace Options, 59 per cent of American workers use their mobile devices to do work after normal business hours.

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Money Magazine – Martha C. White

  May 25, 2016

The Art of Resolving Coworker Conflict

“Complaining privately to others about management or your colleagues can feel good at the time because you share your frustrations with others, but this behavior will not work towards resolving the cause of the conflict,” warned Lorene Lacy, global clinical manager with Workplace Options.

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White Swan Foundation – Maulika Sharma

  Dec 29, 2015

Your Definition of Success Impacts Your Child

Everyone wants to be a success. No one wants to be a failure. And understandably so. Success and failure, however, are terms meant to define events, not people.

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Sandy Smith – EHS Today

  Jun 3, 2015

Life Beyond Work: What’s Really Gobbling Up Employees’ Attention?

A new Workplace Options poll finds that 87 percent of working Americans spend on-the-clock hours managing personal affairs.

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Greg Kratz – Deseret News

  Apr 8, 2015

Workers are Managing Lives from the Office, Study Finds

Debnam says many businesses, especially large ones, are looking at ways to more effectively support employees and help them focus on the job while they’re at the office.

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Greg Kratz – Deseret News

  Jul 14, 2015

Poll: Family Finance Concerns Spill Over to Workplace

In a new poll, 59 percent of people admitted that they regularly dealt with personal financial matters during the workday. How does this affect their focus at the office and their work-life mix?

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Yuki Noguchi – NPR

  Apr 1, 2015

Tragedy Highlights Workplace Approaches to Mental Health

When it comes to an employee’s mental health status, what does an employer need to know, or have a right to know?

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Kate Everson – Talent Management

  Mar 5, 2015

Playing Office Cupid

In a survey by Workplace Options, an employee benefits provider, 71 percent of millennial respondents thought that workplace romance had positive effects on their job performance.

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Cole Stangler – International Business Times

  Feb 18, 2015

Romance in the Office: Are Bosses Preventing Co-Workers from Falling in Love?

“If you have no rules or regulations, it’s analogous to being in the closet,” says Alan King, president of the Raleigh, North Carolina-based Workplace Options.

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Donna Rosato – TIME/Money

  Apr 7, 2015

Why Checking Email After Work Is Bad for Your Career—and Your Health

59% of American workers say they use their mobile devices to do work after normal business hours, according to a recent Workplace Options survey.

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Heather R. Huhman – Entrepreneur

  Dec 31, 2014

4 Strategies for Reducing Workplace Conflict

Whenever people are required to work together, conflict is likely to arise. Regardless of how compatible members of a team might be, each individual brings along distinct priorities and a unique personality.

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Benefits Canada

  Dec 12, 2014

Workers Lack Mental Health Support

While mental illness affects about one in four Americans each year, employers that provide mental health support for employees are not yet the norm in the U.S.

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Huffington Post

  Oct 14, 2014

When You Tell an Employee ‘Family Comes First,’ Do You Mean It?

In honor of National Work and Family Month, which is being celebrated throughout October, it’s time to take a look at whether we — as business owners — are living up to our end of the bargain when we tell employees ‘Family Comes First.’

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Jackie Zimmerman – Money

  Jan 13, 2015

4 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Dating a Coworker

Make sure that pursuing love won’t cost you your career. Whether or not there are policies forbidding them, office relationships happen.

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EBN – Michael Giardina

  Sep 25, 2014

New-Age Challenges for Employee Privacy

An individual’s online behavior and presence may seem like their own business, but when it comes to on-the-job use of social networks, the rules have changed.

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  Aug 1, 2014

Workplace Options Unveils iConnectYou

Workplace Options, the world’s leading employee effectiveness and well-being provider, announced the launch of its second mobile app, which will give employees anywhere in the world one-touch access to counselling and coaching through their employer’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or well-being services

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Irish Examiner – Rita de Brun

  Jul 30, 2014

Workplace Conflict: Can We Talk About It?

Most of us see ourselves as the good guys in work conflict situations, and therein lies the problem. If you observed a pack of animals of the same species cooped up together in adjoining fresh-air-free cubicles from 9am to 5pm …

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Triangle Business Journal – Dawn Wallace

  Sep 29, 2014

Raleigh Wellness Company Expands into Asia

Raleigh-based employee wellness company Workplace Options is expanding into Asia and has opened its 12th location in Bangalore.

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Anne Fisher – Fortune Magazine

  Jun 11, 2014

Millennials May Have No Clue about Your Office’s Marijuana Rules

One more way employees under 30 differ from their older colleagues: They’re mostly okay with coworkers who smoke pot …

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EBN – Michael Giardina

  May 29, 2014

State Laws Ban Employer Access to Employee Social Media

Employers, including private companies and educational institutions, are being forcibly shut out of their employees’ social media accounts as privacy advocates push for more action from legislators …

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  May 20, 2014

When the Workplace is Anywhere, Your Support Structure Must Be, Too

The idea of a “workplace” isn’t nearly as simple as it once was. It used to be defined by physical things – mainly four walls and a commute. That’s not true anymore.

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HR Magazine – Tammy Lytle

  Jul 25, 2014

How to Handle Toxic Personalites in the Workplace

You won’t find it on a resume, but it’s one of the most important factors a worker brings to the job: personality. Some personality types are so toxic they can poison everyone around them.

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Troy Senik – Orange County Register

  Mar 7, 2014

Millenials Face Double Jeopardy

Many millennials are languishing at the intersection of their outsized expectations and the economy’s lack of opportunities.

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Virginia Bridges – News & Observer

  Mar 3, 2014

Backstory: Connecting Adult Children, Elderly With Health Services

Nancy Ruffner likens her senior advocacy services company Navigate NC to that of a professional relative

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Jada A. Graves – U.S.News & World Report

  Feb 14, 2014

Should You Date Your Co-Worker?

Love doesn’t always first blossom during a chance encounter; sometimes it blooms around the water cooler.

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Triangle Business Journal, Dawn Wallace

  May 8, 2014

How a Raleigh Company Makes Life Easier for Employees at Bacardi, Apple

When you’re frazzled, you might turn to your company’s human resources department for help. It could be funeral arrangements, last-minute childcare or anything making life outside of work difficult.

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Danielle Kurtzleben – US News & World Report

  Mar 13, 2013

How Alzheimer’s Will Change Your Workplace

Employers increasingly will need to help workers find someone to watch both the kids and Mom and Dad

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Lisa Gillespie – Employee Benefit New

  Jun 6, 2012

Companies should think twice before creating social media policy

The growing trend among employers to enforce company-wide social media policies has sparked the birth of the Password Protection Act of 2012. The new legislation prevents companies from requiring employees to provide access to their personal social networking accounts.

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World At Work

Jun 5, 2012

Employees Disapprove of Employers Requesting Social Networking Passwords

While many companies may create a social media policy to protect their corporate reputation, a survey of American workers shows that companies who scrutinize their employees’ personal accounts and social media activity may be doing more harm than good.

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John Agno – Career Women Coaching Blog

  Feb 3, 2014

Work and Romance

As the lines between work and personal time continue to blur, those who make a love connection in the office might find it harder to separate the two.

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Talent Management

  Jun 5, 2012

Survey: Strict Social Media Policies May Produce Unexpected Consequences

The growing trend to enforce company-wide social media policies has sparked the birth of the Password Protection Act of 2012.

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Kathryn Tuggle – Fox Business

  Apr 18, 2012

Office Romances On The Rise Among Young Employees

What’s the difference between the office and a singles bar? Well, nothing for some millennial.

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Rieva Lesonsky – The Huffington Post

  Apr 4, 2012

Office Romances On The Rise Among Millennial Employees: Survey Says

Attitudes toward workplace romance are changing — at least for Millennial employees.

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Kelley Butler – EBN

  Apr 1, 2012

To keep office peace, talk about ‘Real Housewives,’ not Romney

It’s officially springtime, which means two things are on full display – pollen and presidential politics.

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Michelle Foodman-ABC News

  Feb 23, 2012

What to Do When a Coworker Becomes Erratic

What about when the person careening out of control works down the hall from you?

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Lathleen Kingsbury- EBN Employee Benefit News

  Jan 17, 2012

Taxes: Prepare for higher childcare, commuting costs in 2012

You might think the start of a new year would inspire Americans to turn over a new leaf, but a recent survey found that the majority of Americans bring old woes back into the office following their holiday break.

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Lathleen Kingsbury-Reuters

  Jan 17, 2012

Taxes: Prepare for higher childcare, commuting costs in 2012

Paycheck a little lighter this month? Despite the extension of the payroll tax cut, taxes are still taking a bigger slice of many workers’ pay in 2012. And 2013 could be even worse.

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Dean Debnam, Workplace Options CEO – Yahoo! Contributor Network

  Mar 30, 2012

Companies Should Take a Stand on Community Issues: A CEO’s View

A company is what it does.

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Jenny Keefe- Employee Benefits.co.uk

  Jan 3, 2012

International Reward: Wellbeing Strategy Needs Local Input

If you read nothing else, read this . . .

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Jeanine Skowronski – Main St.

  Jan 3, 2012

New Year Brings New Stress for Workers

You might think the start of a new year would inspire Americans to turn over a new leaf, but a recent survey found that the majority of Americans bring old woes back into the office following their holiday break.

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