Our Commitment to Social Justice

Responding to social injustice starts with listening.

Workplace Options supports treating people equally and respectfully regardless of background by
encouraging healthy conversations about racism, privilege, and social justice. Diversity and inclusion makes WPO a better company, better employer and better member of the communities we serve. We opened the line of communication between our leaders and employees to receive real-time feedback by:

  • Providing, through a partner EAP, access to confidential counselor-led groups and individual
    counseling to support WPO employees experiencing distress from civil unrest and social injustice. These sessions have been well-attended, with many employees expressing their appreciation for the service.
  • Led a “family forum” program that brought small groups of employees from different backgrounds together for ongoing conversations on a variety of topics related to social justice. The program was so successful that WPO leaders are looking to expand the program moving forward.
Black Lives Matter

Responding to social injustice means taking action.

Feedback from our employees has led to a number of new initiatives on diversity and inclusion.

  • Formation of a Diversity and Inclusion Committee dedicated to ensuring an equitable, safe and
    inclusive workplace for all employees where they can live their authentic lives and do their best work. The committee will help Workplace Options implement goals that will help foster, train, and promote
    diversity awareness within WPO and externally in our community.
  • Commitment to establishing a mentorship program that will provide leadership and development
    opportunities for talent across our organization.
  • Partnership with Shaw University, one of North Carolina’s historically black colleges and universities (HBCU), to offer a full internship for the school’s social work program. Additionally, this internship
    pilot will serve as a model for our other service centers to follow.
  • Support organizations committed directly addressing racial inequalities, and social reform.
WPO Social Justice 3

Responding to social injustice means acting in alignment with the 7 pillars of our culture.

Trust breaks down walls and isolating behaviors.

Responsibility means doing the right thing.

Collaboration enables an inclusive and fair working environment.

Commitment inspires positive action and change.

Respect encourages expression of diverse opinions and ideas.

Resourcefulness spurs thinking differently.

Playfulness fosters connection and learning.

Responding to social injustice means acting in alignment with our values