Free in-home assessment and transition services can help those caring for aging family members.

Offered as a client‐sponsored benefit at no cost to the family, our Geriatric Care Assist program provides a predetermined amount of time with a professional geriatric care specialist to provide guidance, expertise, and insight. The specialist can meet with families or the primary caregiver, complete an on‐site assessment of the elder’s own living environment, or assess possible housing options. After a thorough assessment, the geriatric care specialist will prepare a detailed written report with care recommendations and an implementation plan, including a range of services including home health options, household maintenance, meal preparation/grocery delivery, and transportation solutions. Our network includes credentialed specialists located across the nation.

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Case Study: Dependent Care

The caller, a training manager at a financial services company in New York State, contacted our care consultant after he was advised by his mother’s assisted living facility in Pennsylvania that she could no longer reside there. His mother’s dementia had become severe and the facility was not equipped to manage her.