Lifecycle Kits

Take a comprehensive look at issues supported by the EAP with high-quality educational materials.

Workplace Options’ LifeCycle Kits were developed to provide employers with resources to more fully address a range of issues faced by managers and employees. Workplace Options provides four levels of LifeCycle Kits: Mini LifeCycle Kits, Standard LifeCycle Kits, a Premium LifeCycle Kit, and a Super Premium LifeCycle Kit. These resource kits contain best-in-class educational materials of different formats (e.g., brochures, DVDs, books, and gift items) packaged for employees and their families at different points in the lifecycle. Topics include caregiver support, college prep, health and weight loss, stress management, new parent support, emergency preparedness, and more.

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Case Study: EAP Support

A couple called Workplace Options from their home in London. They were worried about their 15-year-old daughter. They were concerned that she may be experimenting with drugs and alcohol. One of our counselors spoke with the parents about typical communication problems that occur between parents and teenagers.