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24/7 access to global platform of EAP services, counselors, and work-life services. Advantage Worldwide provides employee assistance benefits, including counseling, work-life services, and more based on customization. The service is offered in English or the local language and includes a global Web platform with a seamless case management system, consistent service delivery, reporting, and quality...


Organizations can get help to meet their wellness goals, improve health, and promote productivity. Global Wellness provides a fully integrative suite of services and products that can be implemented separately or combined for a comprehensive workplace wellness solution. From telephonic wellness coaching to learning programs, it provides a holistic approach to keeping employees healthier and...


Motivating employees to improve their health and wellness Our telephonic wellness coaching program offers access to certified professional coaches who provide individualized, goal-oriented guidance, wellness education, strategy development, and encouragement. Individuals and coaches commonly design wellness plans around weight management, nutrition, tobacco cessation, physical activity, stress management, and overall lifestyle improvement. Sessions are aimed at...