Labor Solutions

A set of mobile-based tools designed to improve worker voice, engagement and wellbeing

Our customizable tools allow you to access the information you need, whether you are a worker, supplier, or buyer. We provide online reports to give you the data you need to make effective decisions. Communication, coaching, survey, grievance management and other tools help businesses to analyze workforces and make adjustments to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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Quickly and easily, connect employees to company messages no matter their location. WPOConnect is an easy-to-use bridge between employees and company messaging. This service provides a web-based dashboard that can send and receive text messages through SMS and a number of mobile applications to any population of workers, worldwide. No matter the location of the...


Get helpful information through text-based physical, emotional, and practical wellbeing coaching for employees. Micro-Coaching is a solution for employees who don’t have access to private spaces during the day. These text-based communications are pushed out to employees, who can interact with qualified professionals for the individualized support they need. Programs can be catered to any...


This grievance line can help get your organization in compliance with local and international laws. Labor Line is a third party service that allows workers to confidentially report workplace grievances, compliance issues, take company-wide surveys, and more - from anywhere in the world. This service is accessible 24/7 telephonically, by email, or SMS. It also...