Get helpful information through text-based physical, emotional, and practical wellbeing coaching for employees.

Micro-Coaching is a solution for employees who don’t have access to private spaces during the day. These text-based communications are pushed out to employees, who can interact with qualified professionals for the individualized support they need. Programs can be catered to any need, including pregnancy support, mental healthcare, financial wellness, or physical fitness. This is done directly from an employee’s phone, and can take place anywhere on the planet.

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Case Study: Wellness

The caller was a 36-year-old female who managed a 10-person sales team. She typically worked a 12-hour day and needed to make herself available on a 24-hour basis to meet her weekly and monthly sales targets. She felt she lacked the stamina needed to continue with this schedule and found it difficult to find the time to eat well or to exercise. She contacted a wellness coach for advice on improving her wellbeing.