Because an employee on sick leave may need support and assistance in re-establishing his emotional balance and rebuilding his physical and professional resources in order to return to work under the best possible conditions, Réhalto-WPO offers a socio-professional rehabilitation service for employees on medium-term or long-term sick leave:

  • A broad range of issues covered: chronic illnesses, chronic pain, mental health, accidents and trauma
  • A holistic, multidisciplinary, personalised approach focused on the needs of the individual
  • A methodical process, which looks not only at the condition but also at behaviours and the social and professional environment
  • Confidential support on a voluntary basis
  • Reporting, advice and feedback
  • Tangible results: 70% exit from sickness benefits, 2/3 return to work rate; 90% of recipients think that this sort of support should be offered to everyone on sick leave

Our support programmes are defined and coordinated. They are delivered through a network of specialists and span four areas of face-to-face support:

Psychosocial: The expertise of psychosocial counsellors (psychologists, psychotherapists, etc.) helps resolve emotional issues relating to the absence from work and contributes to helping the individual adjust to their new levels of health. It seeks to provide reassurance to the employee on their ability to return to their working life.

Professional: Professional counsellors (ergonomists, employment advisors, workplace psychologists, business consultants) help explore and identify the resources available to the employee, given their new state of health. To achieve this, they help mobilise all those involved in preparing for the individual’s return to work.

Physical: Based on a tailored programme of physical practice that takes account of the motivation and physical limits of the beneficiary, physical health specialists (such as specialist physical support coaches, sophrologists, ergonomists) help towards the optimisation of the beneficiary’s physical health and the necessary adjustment of their living and working environments.

Medical: Medical advisors from Réhalto-WPO provide medical insights to the appropriate teams to improve the overall understanding of the health position. If appropriate, and with the agreement of the beneficiary, they may liaise with the General Practitioner.


The benefits:

For the insurance organisation:

  • Improving the balance of the insurance scheme, by reducing the financial risk from sick leave and freeing up the underwriting provision for absence cover
  • A support resource for employees on sick leave
  • A preventative resource against invalidity and incapacity
  • Increased client satisfaction and enhanced image of the insurer

For the company:

  • Support for the organisation of employee returns to work
  • Long-term support in sick leave
  • Better control of costs relating to absenteeism

For employees:

Support in:

  • Coping positively, with new health conditions
  • Re-establishing sufficient balance and autonomy to be able to make choices about their life projects
  • taking on and succeeding in the return to work