Equipped with practical tools to
streamline case management
Provider Module & Portal improves case coordination by integrating external partners.

• Give providers access to the portions of UCMS they need

• Develop a searchable provider directory that includes fees, contact information and contract details

• Providers can save details about client interactions including session notes and billing within client records

• Workflows can be developed to automatically generate and send invoices on behalf of a provider


Communication Hub provides a centralized location for sending emails, IM and SMS texts.

• Eliminates the need to navigate to a secondary platform to share information

• Send manual and automated emails and SMS texts to external audiences directly from the hub

• Provides Instant messaging capability among internal users

• Client communication details are retained within client case records


FOCUS delivers standard and
custom reporting.

• Features more than 100 standard reports and the ability to generate custom reports to suit your needs

• Export raw data to use with your existing reporting interface


Benefit Connect identifies service options by client.

• Allows users to see full listing of services available to each client, based on company affiliation

What Are UCMS Users Saying?

I am very happy, working with this portal! It is easy to manage, quick to access, and an excellent work tool and reliable information base.

– Outpatient Clinician


It’s great! I worked for another EAP before and the system was so poor! UCMS is a jewel. Really, it’s easy, and predictive, and … very, very user friendly. I really like the system and I like even more the feeling that it’s always getting upgrades and improvements.

– EAP Counselor


I think that UCMS is very user friendly.  Each department has their own uses for it and I think that it keeps documenting participant interactions organized and easily accessible.

– Wellness Coach


Very user friendly and intuitive.

– EAP Counselor


UCMS is very user friendly and very simple to use.

– Referral Specialist


My experience with UCMS is very positive. The system is easy to navigate. UCMS is a great product for case management.

– Provider Relations Specialist

Make your business more effective by bringing more efficiency to counselors and consultants

Unified Case Management System (UCMS) is the only Case Management System developed by an EAP industry leader

When we couldn’t find a case management system flexible enough to meet our needs, we developed our own. UCMS, by Workplace Options, replaces manual processes and repetitive tasks with smart technology, significantly improving efficiency and accuracy. Minimizing these tedious activities allows your team to remain focused on what they do best – providing quality support to the individuals they serve. UCMS delivers smarter, faster case management from intake to close.

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Built for Security and Compliance

UCMS’ cloud-based system is designed to support compliance with U.S. and international data protection and security requirements.

  • Includes built-in, two-factor authentication and secure email capability.
  • Program access can be restricted to specific sections based on user-type.


Time-saving automation and
technology designed to grow with the industry

As user needs and technology evolves, so does UCMS. Workplace Options is at the forefront of EAP industry trends and well positioned to adapt the system to meet changing needs.

UCMS replaces redundant tasks and manual processes with intuitive workflows designed to maximize efficiencies and minimize errors.


Clutter-free dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard keeps important information highly visible reducing search time.

  • Team member dashboard features information specific to job functions, including items assigned to them, upcoming sessions and internal communications
  • Manager dashboard features a macro-view with real-time visibility allowing managers to easily evaluate progress, monitor productivity, identify overdue tasks and reassign cases
  • Dashboard tools are easily filtered and organized by the user based on urgency, due date or task type


Extensive customization options

Customization capabilities at the administrative level allow you to adapt UCMS to your organizational processes.

Examples of customization options include:

  • Case types, services types, presenting issues and packages
  • Appointment types, task types
  • Schedules, teams, roles
  • Variety of templates including forms and branch-logic questionnaires
  • Addition of flexible fields to company records, participant records and case records
  • Smart questionnaires featuring branch-logic technology


Examples of automated workflows:

  • Deployment of emails and text messages
  • Creation and assignment of tasks, sessions, and due dates
  • Session authorization
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