Case Studies


Stories from the front.

Our customers want more than work-life and support services. They want results. At Workplace Options, we hear success stories from businesses that use our services every day. Here are just a few.

Case Study: Work-Life


PROBLEM: Need for party-planning assistance during work hours.

SOLUTION: Daily Living; Savings Center

An administrative assistant from a university in Texas called our service center looking for help planning her 12-year-old daughter’s birthday party. She wanted to make the party special so she had allowed her daughter to invite five of her friends to spend the day at a local theme park. This was to be followed by a party at the girl’s home.

She specifically wanted information on prices for local bakeries for the cake and where to rent a karaoke machine. Our consultant gathered information about the party, when and where it would be held, and also inquired about the theme park. She advised the caller that through our Savings Center, a discount program offered through the work-life website, the caller could find discounts to many theme parks and other forms of entertainment. She provided the caller with log-in information to access the Savings Center and said she would contact her when the search for the cake and karaoke machine was complete.

Our care consultant located several bakeries in the caller’s neighborhood, including information and prices. Our care consultant then phoned several karaoke rental companies in the area. They provided her with information about the rental costs, delivery hours, and the types of music that were available. The caller shared that she visited the Savings Center and found tickets to a local theme park at a huge discount. This left her with more money to spend on the party.

Due to our consultant’s ability not only to give the client the information she requested, but to identify another service that she could use, the caller received an even great benefit and saved valuable time during work hours.

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Case Study: Dependent Care


PROBLEM: Long-distance care giving responsibilities leading to decreased productivity at work.

SOLUTION: Dependent Care

The caller, a training manager at a financial services company in New York State, contacted our care consultant after he was advised by his mother’s assisted living facility in Pennsylvania that she could no longer reside there. His mother’s dementia had become severe and the facility was not equipped to manage her. She would need to be moved within two weeks. The caller was involved in a crucial project at his company, delivering training to his organization on new software, and couldn’t be spared during such a busy time. He was experiencing a great deal of stress due to this situation and was finding it difficult to concentrate.

Our care consultant, trained and experienced in elder crisis intervention, interviewed the caller about his mother’s needs. After learning that she no longer had family in Pennsylvania, They discussed the option of moving his mother to a facility closer to his home in New York. Our care consultant searched for facilities located within a 25-mile radius of his home that could accommodate his mother’s needs and included secure dementia units. The consultant also found a local geriatric care manager who could tour the facilities for this busy professional and make recommendations as to which was the most appropriate facility.

The caller visited two facilities and made his selection. During our customary follow-up call, he reported that his mother had made a good transition to the new facility and that our services had greatly relieved his stress. He said that we had saved him from missing a week or more of work to address this crisis and that the support provided to him by our care consultant and the geriatric care manager was invaluable. He reported that he would definitely utilize the services again if needed, and that he would urge his co-workers to do the same.

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Case Study: Wellness


PROBLEM: Work stress impacting productivity.

SOLUTION: Wellness Coaching

The caller was a 36-year-old female who managed a 10-person sales team. She typically worked a 12-hour day and needed to make herself available on a 24-hour basis to meet her weekly and monthly sales targets. She felt she lacked the stamina needed to continue with this schedule and found it difficult to find the time to eat well or to exercise. She contacted a wellness coach for advice on improving her wellbeing.

The coach helped the caller look at her perceptions around work ethic, time management practices, and stress. Using this information, the wellness coach was able to assist the employee by introducing new dietary habits and a nutrition program conducive to supporting energy levels. The plan helped her become more productive during the course of 12 weeks.

By prioritizing her wellness needs, the coach was able to introduce small but regular walking exercises that the client used as an outlet for the stresses and strains of a busy lifestyle. The client embraced her new time management skills to work more effectively and actively encouraged her team to use them.

She learned to adapt her eating and exercising to support her busy work environment, gain more wellness balance, and also help her team become more productive. In her follow-up contact, the caller reported: “I thought that trying to fit wellness into an already busy day would hinder my ability to get things done. By taking a more balanced approach I feel more energized, more productive, and more able to cope with the demands of work. Even my team members have told me they see a difference!!”

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Case Study: Legal/Financial

LOCATION: Sacramento, CA

PROBLEM: Legal and financial issues affecting time at work.

SOLUTION: Legal/Financial

A nurse’s aide from a Sacramento area hospital called our service center. She had shared with her supervisor that she was experiencing stress due to a disagreement with a roofer she had hired to do some work at her home. She gave him money as a deposit to repair a leak in the roof over her daughter’s room and he had not returned. She was trying to get her money back but he would not answer her calls. Our care consultant told the caller that she could provide her with an attorney in our network who could give her a free, 30-minute consultation to discuss her issue. The care consultant also directed the client to her work-life website, which contained a link to the Better Business Bureau where she could file a complaint against her roofer.

During the call, the client also said she was feeling overwhelmed with credit card debt and wanted to talk to someone about it. Our care consultant was able to immediately connect the caller with a financial advisor to discuss the credit card problems.

During our follow-up, the caller said the attorney was very helpful and advised her that she could file a small claims case against her roofer. He walked her through the process including where to download the necessary forms and where to file them. He didn’t feel she needed the services of an attorney at that time, but that if she needed him in the future she would receive a 25% discount on his services.

The caller also shared that her discussion with the financial advisor was very helpful. She had credit card debt that could be consolidated, and he referred her to a not-for-profit agency that could help her with it. She made an appointment with the agency and a representative to review her accounts and help her set up a payment plan. She shared that speaking with these financial and legal professionals helped relieve her stress so that she could spend her energy on her family and her work.

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Case Study: EAP Support

LOCATION: London, United Kingdom

PROBLEM: Parenting issues caused employee to lose focus.


A couple called Workplace Options from their home in London. They were worried about their 15-year-old daughter. They were concerned that she may be experimenting with drugs and alcohol. One of our counselors spoke with the parents about typical communication problems that occur between parents and teenagers. They were advised on how to cope with conflict in the family and how best to set boundaries and ground rules that both they and their daughter would feel are fair.

Because the parents were concerned that their daughter was experimenting with drugs, the counselor sent them some drug information leaflets to review. The counselor suggested that if they were still convinced that their daughter was involved with drugs after reading the literature and learning more about the tell-tale signs, they could be referred to a specialist drug helpline straight away. The counselor also offered to send their daughter a Teenage Information Pack (the packs give advice specifically targeted at teenagers on drugs, contraception, rights, and responsibilities, and more).

As advised, the couple had a long discussion with their daughter and agreed on some ground rules such as how often she could go out and what time she should be back. They also had a chat about how she can cope with peer pressure. With her permission, a meeting was arranged with a drug counselor where they read through drug information leaflets together and discussed the negative effects of drug use.

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Case Study: Global Products


PROBLEM: Productivity loss due to grief.


A client based in Germany e-mailed the EAP service and requested to speak with a counselor. He indicated that his father passed away the previous week and he was having difficulty coping with the loss. He did not have a strong support system nearby, as his family lived three hours away. His father’s death occurred suddenly and he was grappling with not being able to say goodbye to his father.

Within 15 minutes, the counselor was speaking with the client. He was most grateful for the opportunity to have the in-the-moment support, since he felt isolated from friends and family. The counselor spoke with the client about his feelings of guilt and grief and suggested several ways in which the client could attempt to cope with the loss, including returning home to be with his family during the difficult time. The client agreed to return home, but indicated that he would still like to speak with a counselor. The EAP was able to provide the client with a referral for a counselor near the family home, and the client received six sessions of counseling in a face-to-face setting.

After dealing with the loss of his father in a more productive way, he was able to return to his job with more focus.

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Case Study: HR & Business Support

LOCATION: Cincinnati, OH and Denver, CO

PROBLEM: National restaurant chain with multiple location training need.

SOLUTION: Customized training delivered to managers in multiple locations

A human resources representative from a national restaurant chain determined that their managers needed assistance with time management in both their professional and personal lives. They approached the WPOs Advantage Training Center to develop a customized training program that could be delivered at their national three-day conferences to be held in Cincinnati and Denver. The training modules would be delivered twice at each location to allow all managers to attend.

Our expert training designers worked closely with both representatives of the company’s HR department and cross-functional planning committee to develop a training curriculum that would meet the company’s needs. Training objectives were determined and content developed to meet those objectives. Following review and approval of the content, the program was designed and customized to follow company branding.

We selected a trainer from our network of over 2500 credentialed trainers. She had several years of experience delivering training on time management and goal setting. She traveled to both locations and delivered the training to over 200 conference participants. The response to the training was so positive that the restaurant chain requested that we deliver another training the following year.

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