Las características de su sitio web de beneficios para los miembros incluyen:

  • Acceso a artículos en línea con información útil
  • Posibilidad de enviar un formulario en línea para que un asesor se ponga en contacto con usted
  • Temas sobre la vida laboral, el bienestar, la crianza de los hijos, la gestión, etc.

Las características de su Customer Hub incluyen

  • Actualizaciones automáticas de los recuentos en el UCMS
  • Facturación que refleja las poblaciones activas de su cuenta
  • Acceso a los informes con las tendencias de los casos, los problemas de interrupción y la utilización

Socios de servicios locales

Los socios de servicios locales son PAE independientes con los que WPO ha establecido relaciones estratégicas para la prestación de servicios globales de PAE en consonancia con los modelos, procesos y normas de calidad de WPO.

About WPO

We create an environment where people can be their authentic self in every aspect of their life. Our mission is to offer individuals and organizations a continuum of human-centered wellbeing solutions that address emotional, practical and physical needs anytime, anywhere.

Great Beginnings

Workplace Options is founded in Raleigh, N.C, as a provider of work-life consultancy services and training to U.S. corporations.


The organization launches a new business model focusing exclusively on resource and referral solutions for EAP partners and third-party organizations. Workplace Options also begins delivering wellness and global EAP services.

Expanding Our Offerings

Workplace Options introduces the partnership integration model to the EAP industry, while also launching the employee wellbeing world’s first live-chat service, LiveConnect.


Workplace Options creates a dedicated practice for certified wellness coaches to meet growing global demand. The next year, we launched the industry’s first face-to-face counseling mobile application, iConnectYou.


Workplace Options introduces  UCMS, the first case-management system designed by the employee wellbeing industry for the employee wellbeing industry.

Going Global

Service centers in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, Portugal, France, Belgium, UAE, Singapore, Japan, China, India, and Indonesia strengthen the organization’s global presence.

Moving Forward

Workplace Options announces investment from WindRose Health Investors to expand employee wellbeing resources globally.

Our Mission and Values

Workplace Options offers individuals and organisations a continuum of human-centred wellbeing solutions that address emotional, practical, and physical needs anytime, anywhere.

  • Customer Focus

    A common direction

  • Open And Honest Communication

    To enable our success

  • Creativity And Innovation

    To propel us forward

  • Integrity Is The Foundation

    The foundation of our actions

  • Teamwork

    To harness our collective strengths

  • Our People

    The core of our business

Our Global Footprint

Covering the employee wellbeing needs of 79 million people from 116,000 organizations worldwide is no small task. We have invested in facilities around the world to help provide employees with the best possible service around the clock and around the globe, whenever and wherever they may need it.

Global Solutions Adapted to Local Needs

Workplace Options solutions can work for organizations no matter the scale or location of your workforce.