Who We Help

Workplace Options is privileged to serve more than 65 million employees and their families at 100,000+ organizations in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Those are big numbers, but most of our services are delivered to individuals by our highly qualified team, one person at a time.

Our global infrastructure and decades of experience allow us to bring benefits at many levels to a number of different groups:


Individuals and their family members, through an employer- or organization-sponsored employee wellbeing program, have access to services provided by Workplace Options. Our team of professionals delivers emotional, physical and practical support services when and where they are needed to assist employees with issues from arranging for dependent care and connecting them with financial advisors to helping manage their weight, or deal with stress and anxiety. By supporting individuals we help to make them more effective and efficient at work and throughout their lives.

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Employers and Organizations:

By helping their employees or members to be more effective and efficient, we help to make companies and other organizations better. People function at a higher level when they have the emotional, physical and practical support they need. When they aren’t distracted by an issue in their home life, or aren’t having their energy consumed by stress and anxiety, people can be more productive, more engaged and more focused. When employees feel cared for by their employer it can lead to many benefits including: reduced turnover, higher productivity, improved organizational culture, a healthier workforce, and many others.

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Employee Assistance Programs:

We are proud to partner with many US Employee Assistance Programs to bolster their product offerings, serve their members and provide support to help their businesses grow. By providing them with advantages such as 24/7 call coverage, RRCI crisis response and management, innovative technology for case management and service delivery, a library of available trainings, access to a worldwide network of more than 83,000 vetted local service providers and global capabilities that we continue to invest in, we can help EAPs provide more high-quality services to more clients. We help EAPs to build their reputations and their bottom lines.

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Brokers & Consultants:

We know that brokers and consultants stake their reputation on the trust they develop with their clients. Workplace Options has been in the employee wellbeing business for more than 35 years. Our focus and commitment to infrastructure investment worldwide allows us to offer some advantages that other providers can’t. With unique products, exclusive technology that we’ve developed, an unequaled global presence, exceptional quality and the ability to customize product and service offerings, we can give brokers and consultants unmatched options for their clients. Working with us can help brokers and consultants build strong relationships with happy customers.

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Insurance Companies:

With lots of other priorities, but the desire to bring wellbeing solutions to their clients, insurance companies can partner with Workplace Options. By taking care of their insureds’ by providing emotional, physical and practical support, we can free up insurance companies to focus on their core business. Employee well being is our core business, and we bring exceptional quality service to individuals around the world. Insurance companies can provide services under their own brands to strengthen their client relationships, and extend the menu of services that are available to their customers. By entrusting us with key services, insurance companies have more options.

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