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Employee wellbeing: It’s not a matter of budget, it’s a matter of mindset

Employee wellbeing: It’s not a matter of budget, it’s a matter of mindset

  • 1 August 2021
  • 3 years

While executives have long recognized that wellbeing is important, the covid-19 pandemic made it clear how significant it really is. Work and life, health and safety and wellbeing became inseparable.

Working people today face many challenges to their wellbeing, and their ability to be engaged and effective. Busy schedules, financial matters, concerning events occurring in the world around them, and demands on their time, energy and resources can have negative effects on their emotional, physical and practical wellbeing.

With all of the challenges facing workers today, it can be very difficult for working people to be at their most engaged and productive. This, obviously, can have negative effects on employers in terms of employee relations and retention, productivity and ultimately their bottom line. In other words the crisis cast new light on the importance of wellbeing and made everyone acutely aware of the consequences when wellbeing is put at risk.

Leaders of organizations large and small are now looking for ways to tailor their wellbeing efforts to their workforce instead of taking a one size fits approach. That’s why, in this episode of Brainpickings, I’ll dive into the head of Anna Smets, director of Business solutions at Workplace options, a global provider of integrated wellbeing services.
Today Workplace Options helps 70 million employees and their families from more than 116.000 organizations in over 200 countries and regions worldwide. They’ve been active in Belgium sinds 2001.

Looking after the wellbeing of your employees really improves the bottom line.
It’s not a matter of budget, it’s a matter of mindset.

Integrated Wellbeing Reporting

Aggregated reporting with actionable statistics makes it easy to track the well-being of your staff.