Las características de su sitio web de beneficios para los miembros incluyen:

  • Acceso a artículos en línea con información útil
  • Posibilidad de enviar un formulario en línea para que un asesor se ponga en contacto con usted
  • Temas sobre la vida laboral, el bienestar, la crianza de los hijos, la gestión, etc.

Las características de su Customer Hub incluyen

  • Actualizaciones automáticas de los recuentos en el UCMS
  • Facturación que refleja las poblaciones activas de su cuenta
  • Acceso a los informes con las tendencias de los casos, los problemas de interrupción y la utilización

Socios de servicios locales

Los socios de servicios locales son PAE independientes con los que WPO ha establecido relaciones estratégicas para la prestación de servicios globales de PAE en consonancia con los modelos, procesos y normas de calidad de WPO.

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A strong partner ecosystem is imperative to delivering consistency, innovation, and growth in today’s ever-evolving EAP landscape. As a WPO service partner, you will gain access to exclusive resources, programs, tools, and connections as well as real-time data trends.


  • Global Strength

  • Service Quality

  • Performance Expansion

  • Innovation & Technology

  • Engagement & Collaboration

  • Networking


Peacemind provides counseling and consultation services to a wide range of industries in Japan. Without our partnership with Workplace Options, we wouldn't be able to serve diversified multinational companies. This growth was possible because of a trusted relationship with WPO's Global Infrastructure team. They helped us offer wellbeing programs that are in line with the local regulations and requirements.

Shinobu Okido

We place a great importance on the strategic knowledge we have acquired as a result of this collaboration with Workplace Options, a global wellbeing provider. Due to the concern over client's confidentiality, counseling and coaching services are not commonly used in Sri Lanka. Workplace Options' high standards have raised the bar and ultimately made it easier for Sri Lankans to access confidential wellbeing support. Thanks to this partnership, Workplace Options and Glenmore Resources will get to the next level.

Prabhash Hettiarachchi

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