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  • 10 September 2021
  • 5 min

WPO Takes Unique Approach to Solving Workforce Challenge

Marsha Fisher

  • 800.699.8011 x 71428

Employee recruitment and retention has never been more critical as employers in the Triangle scramble to fill positions in an increasingly hot job market. To compete, employee wellbeing provider Workplace Options (WPO) is employing a unique incentive that taps into employees’ long-term personal and professional goals.

A global company headquartered in Raleigh, WPO provides its clients with a variety of employee wellbeing solutions including mental health support, health and life coaching, professional development, and practical work-life assistance. These services are generally provided via telephone, although video support has gained traction in the last year.

“Finding and retaining qualified counsellors in Raleigh capable of providing the high level of support we require is challenging,” explains President and CEO Alan King. “It forced us to think creatively about how we could attract the best and brightest.”

The answer was to offer employees an opportunity to go into business for themselves. While King admits it may sound counterproductive at first, it creates a win-win for both the company and its counsellors. “A significant number of counsellors want to open up their own counselling practice, but lack the capital required to start-up a business,” explains King. “By helping counsellors in this endeavour, by providing office space and administrative support, along with some other practical resources, we can help set them up for success, while also benefiting from their expertise.”

As part of the project, WPO recently opened The Wellness Center, located at 2900 Highwoods in Raleigh. The Wellness Center is a co-working space providing participating counsellors with private and group counselling meeting rooms. Counsellors who work for WPO at least 20 hours per week can apply to be a part of the program, which also includes reception and scheduling support.

King believes offering this unique opportunity will support his organization’s efforts to recruit licensed counsellors, which have intensified over the last 18 months as interest in mental health counselling has grown. Interested individuals who are either licensed counsellors or pursuing licensure, can learn more by contacting


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Workplace Options helps employees balance their work, family, and personal needs to become healthier, happier, and more productive, both personally and professionally. The company’s world-class employee support, effectiveness, and wellbeing services provide information, resources, referrals, and consultation on a variety of issues ranging from dependent care and stress management to clinical services and wellness programmes.

Drawing from an international network of credentialed providers and professionals, Workplace Options is the world’s largest integrated employee support and work-life services provider. Service centres in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, Portugal, France, Belgium, UAE, Singapore, Japan, China, India, and Indonesia support more than 75 million employees across 116,000 organizations and more than 200 countries and territories. For more information visit

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