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Local Service Partners are independent EAPs with which WPO has established strategic relationships for the delivery of global EAP services in alignment with the WPO models, processes and quality standards.

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Relocating to Another Country

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We can assist your employees whether they are relocating abroad or arriving from another country

It takes a lot of effort and paperwork to relocate to another country. In addition to the personal preparations that come with moving, it also takes courage to share the news with an employer when you dont know how they will react.  

A participant called a service center, requesting counseling support and guidance. The participant reported that she and her husband were planning to immigrate to another country later this year. The participant explained that they had started filling out all the necessary paperwork and following through with her familys move. However, she had not yet informed her employer and was concerned about how she was going to disclose her plans. The participant was worried about how her employer will react and whether they would allow her to keep her job after she immigrates.  

The participant did mention that she has a good relationship with her manager and the company she works for. However, she was scared that the news of her move might hurt her professional relationships within the organization once she discloses her plans.   

After listening to the participant and allowing her to express her concerns in a safe space, the clinician provided her with in-the-moment support to ease her concerns and apprehension. The clinician then began to explain and guide the participant through effective professional communication skills in order to help her share the news of her move with her employer.  

In a follow-up session with the participant, she expressed her gratitude regarding the service and was extremely grateful for the support she received. She stated that the information and guidance she received have helped ease her concerns. As a result of the sessions, the participant felt she was equipped to move ahead with her plans and share the news about her move with her employer.  

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