Your Member Benefits Website features include:

  • Access to online articles with helpful information
  • Ability to submit an online form asking a counselor to contact you
  • Topics covering working life, wellness, parenting, management, etc.

Your Customer Hub features include:

  • Automated headcount updates in UCMS
  • Invoicing reflective of the active populations under your account
  • Access reporting with case trends, disruptive issues, utilization

Local Service Partners

Local Service Partners are independent EAPs with which WPO has established strategic relationships for the delivery of global EAP services in alignment with the WPO models, processes and quality standards.

Answer 24

Maximising call centre capabilities by providing supplemental 24/7 clinical support with Answer 24

Solution Features

What were once created to manage the urgent, time-sensitive crises that people experience, service centres are becoming increasingly overwhelmed and overloaded as personal, organisational, and global crises overlap and compound one another. Research shows that as high as two-thirds of callers hang up before they speak to a clinician due to long wait times and insufficient staffing. With Answer 24, organisations can maximise their clinical answer capacity with the help of a complementary 24/7 clinical answer service team and ensure that their members get the support they need in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Whether functioning as your programme’s primary entry point or as backup support, Answer 24 provides continuity of service you can depend on.

Extend service coverage:

  • Supplement your existing program with call-answer by our experienced, credentialed clinicians
  • A variety of support is available including safety and wellbeing checks, holding support, crisis intervention, and on-call services
  • Answer 24 is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing operation

Partner with an industry leader:

  • Supplemental support comes from the world’s largest independent provider of employee wellbeing support solutions, serving millions of individuals worldwide
  • UCMS, our proprietary case management software, features a user-friendly partner interface to safely support shared data
  • Embedded technology includes service centre redundancy in the event that a natural disaster or emergency disables calling in a given location

Choose between two service options:

  • Option 1 includes safety and wellbeing checks with holding support, crisis intervention, UCMS access, and on-call services
  • Option 2 includes safety and wellbeing checks with full clinical support, crisis intervention, UCMS, and BenefitConnect access and on-call services

Wellbeing Case Studies

Case Study

Wellbeing Ambassador Programme

The Wellbeing Ambassador Programme is part of an organisation’s strategic direction to create a safe and psychologically healthy workplace. The programme is a multi-pronged approach that includes three elements: wellbeing assessment, training of Managers, and training and support of Ambassadors. Workplace Options’ Wellbeing Ambassador Programme…
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Case Study

A Comprehensive Needs Assessment

SITUATION A multinational corporation that was preparing to implement a global wellbeing programme reached out to the Consulting Practice team to analyse member needs and community assets for its global workforce of 10,000 employees located across 80 work sites, including remote field locations. ACTION The…
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Case Study

Expanding a Parental Leave Programme to Eight Global Locations

SITUATION A large multinational company engaged the consulting team to expand its parent leave programme to eight locations worldwide. ACTION The Consulting team organised stakeholder committees to assist in aligning the programme with local practices and regulatory requirements for each location. They also worked with…
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Case Study

Assessing Employee Wellbeing in a Remote and Rigorous Work Environment

Workplace Options (WPO) was engaged to assist a construction company in assessing the needs of workers in a challenging and extremely remote environment. Employing 1000+ workers for a 5-year period, the client was awarded a large-scale construction project located in the Yamal Peninsula of Russia…
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Case Study

Supporting a global restructuring

Workplace Options (WPO) received a request from a multinational company undergoing a global restructuring at 14 locations spanning nine countries. Evidence indicates that organisational changes involving restructuring cause stress, anxiety, and trigger multiple emotional issues. SITUATION Knowing that restructuring leads to broad-scope workplace disruption, the…
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* The story above is based on a real-life situation, but details have been changed or omitted to protect the anonymity of the individual receiving support.

Case Study

  • Organisational Effectiveness

The Wellbeing Ambassador Programme is part of an organisation’s strategic..

1 December 2022
  • Organisational Effectiveness

SITUATION A multinational corporation that was preparing to implement a..

30 November 2022

SITUATION A large multinational company engaged the consulting team to..

30 November 2022

Workplace Options (WPO) was engaged to assist a construction company..

14 June 2022
  • Organisational Effectiveness

Workplace Options (WPO) received a request from a multinational company..

14 June 2022

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