Las características de su sitio web de beneficios para los miembros incluyen:

  • Acceso a artículos en línea con información útil
  • Posibilidad de enviar un formulario en línea para que un asesor se ponga en contacto con usted
  • Temas sobre la vida laboral, el bienestar, la crianza de los hijos, la gestión, etc.

Las características de su Customer Hub incluyen

  • Actualizaciones automáticas de los recuentos en el UCMS
  • Facturación que refleja las poblaciones activas de su cuenta
  • Acceso a los informes con las tendencias de los casos, los problemas de interrupción y la utilización

Socios de servicios locales

Los socios de servicios locales son PAE independientes con los que WPO ha establecido relaciones estratégicas para la prestación de servicios globales de PAE en consonancia con los modelos, procesos y normas de calidad de WPO.

At A Glance


Heavy Workload and Job Anxiety

Emotional Support

Core Employee Assistance Program

In My Hands

  • Technology
Individuals can access self-help that moves at their pace

A 42-year-old married woman living with her spouse and four children, called in stating that she had been feeling very stressed at work and that she had been getting increasingly anxious.

She shared that she worked for a local government organization and that her workload was quite unbearable. She stated that she had spoken to her supervisor and that she had been directed to her EAP, although she had recognized for herself that there had been a problem with stress at work for the last 12 months. Changes at work over the past 3 years had led to significant numbers of staff leaving her organization, and those left behind, including herself, were having to take on an additional workload.

After talking with the intake counselor, she set a goal to register for the cCBT program to reduce her level of stress and anxiety at work and to enable her to better manage her heavy workload. Following her registration with the cCBT program, She shared with her case manager that she was logging in each week and doing the exercises. She reported that she was feeling better within herself and that the program was really helping.

She improved her functioning in her weekly outcome ratings, improving by 50% compared to when she began the course. She felt that she was better able to deal with her stress and organize herself to keep up with the high demands of her job.

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