Your Member Benefits Website features include:

  • Access to online articles with helpful information
  • Ability to submit an online form asking a counselor to contact you
  • Topics covering working life, wellness, parenting, management, etc.

Your Customer Hub features include:

  • Automated headcount updates in UCMS
  • Invoicing reflective of the active populations under your account
  • Access reporting with case trends, disruptive issues, utilization

Local Service Partners

Local Service Partners are independent EAPs with which WPO has established strategic relationships for the delivery of global EAP services in alignment with the WPO models, processes and quality standards.

We Put People First

We set organisations up for success by helping individuals improve their health and wellbeing, and maintain a successful work-life integration. Our human-powered care approach is all about making a meaningful difference in people's personal and professional lives to help them thrive in both.

We have an outstanding ecosystem of service capabilities that work together to give people the best care.

Human-Powered Care


Our Service Strengths

  • 24/7 Direct Access to Clinicians

    WPO service centres are always accessible and calls are answered by masters’ level (or equivalent) clinicians who can help resolve issues immediately. Instead of a quick intake call, clinicians can provide in-the-moment counselling before providing referrals.

  • Diverse Network of Wellbeing Providers

    Our reach is based on a global ecosystem 17 WPO service centres across 14 countries with more than 1,000 employees, and nearly 30 strategic partners. Our ongoing growth is supported by an 80+ employee team dedicated to identifying, recruiting, and credentialling support professionals.

  • Organisational Health Assessments

    We continually invest in our assessments, to keep them current with situational pressures, and make them as effective as possible so that organisations can stay connected to, and improve situations for the people in their care.

  • Customisable Level of Counselling

    WPO offers counselling services allowing clients to adapt to a disruptive event, law, or regulation by adjusting or enhancing their solutions. We work collaboratively with our clients and use an agile approach to building custom programmes.

  • Pre-vetted Referrals for Members Needs

    When a referral is required, we take the process a step further than most providers, to help the user get there. After our in-the-moment counselling, only 44% of our callers need clinical referrals and 77% of them show up for their meeting. That’s 94% of callers receiving the clinical support they need.

  • Purpose-built and Integrated UCMS Platform

    WPO was the first in this industry to innovate, build, and implement a Unified Case Management System (UCMS) – connecting our service centres to manage case loads. We focus on ensuring that our participants information is secure, and compliant with data protection regulations in all countries.

We equip you with the building blocks to transform the health, engagement, and overall happiness of your teams.

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