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Canadian Mining Industry

Psychological Health and Safety in Mining

The mining industry is known for its physically demanding and hazardous nature which can take a toll on the mental wellbeing of its workers. They may experience stress, anxiety, or depression as a result of the harsh working conditions including the long hours, isolation, risk of accidents and job insecurity.

Psychological Distress Among Workers in Mining in Canada

The Psychological Effects of Stressors in the Mining Workplace

Occupational Hazards and Risk Management in Canada’s Mining Industry

Making a Difference from the First Conversation: The Benefits of Single-Session Therapy for the Canadian Mining Industry

Providing in-the-moment emotional support can help miners discuss their concerns with a counsellor and move to resolve the situation that is challenging them within the first call. Workplace Options provides Single-Session Therapy to engage immediately with a counsellor. Calls are answered live, 24/7/365, by master’s-level counsellors who are qualified to provide immediate and relevant support to your employees.

44 minutes

is the average time of a Workplace Options Single-Session Therapy with a clinician (compared with the industry average of less than 10 minutes).

  • In-the-Moment

    Immediate access to emotional support for members in crisis or in the wake of a traumatic incident

  • Telephonic

    Unlimited toll-free or freephone access with local-language answer

  • Virtual

    Through video or text message, as well as via chat or email through the website or app

  • Face-to-Face

    Scheduled in-person sessions with a provider in our network of counsellors

  • Privacy

    Access is direct and fully confidential to a multidisciplinary care team

  • Continued Support

    78% of callers who received in-the-moment support schedule on-going care to the right provider for their needs

Developing a Wellbeing Program to Protect Miner's Psychological Safety

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, there are 13 factors that can impact the mental health of employees. These factors are: Organizational Culture, Psychological and Social Support, Clear Leadership and Expectations, Civility and Respect, Psychological Demands, Growth and Development, Recognition and Reward, Involvement and Influence, Workload Management, Engagement, Balance, Psychological Protection, and Protection of Physical Safety. Access to counselling and mental health support ensures a healthy and engaged workforce. The wellbeing solutions by Workplace Options consists of five recommended program components that together offer a comprehensive and integrated solution to protect miners' psychological safety.

  • Consulting support to help organizations assess psychosocial risk

  • Conducting Wellbeing Risk Assessment

  • Implementing a Core Wellbeing Program

  • Establishing On-site Counsellors

  • Bespoke Promotion

  • Establishing Wellbeing Ambassadors

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