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  • 22 June 2020
  • 4 years

Building a resilient workforce in a world of (VUCA) Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity

Staff Writer

In 2014, Harvard Business Review described VUCA as trendy corporate speak for “Hey, it’s crazy out there!” An acronym standing for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, VUCA may be the perfect description for the rollercoaster of events that have dominated 2020.

VUCA originated in the nineties as a post-Cold War military reference to the need for new ways of interpreting situations based on a rapidly changing environment. In the business world, VUCA became a term that acknowledged the importance of positioning an organization for success despite the uncertainty brought about by turbulence and rapid change.

The personal and professional changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic have had profound effects on organizations and their people. From quarantine and remote work situations to economic uncertainty and community unrest, workers have been deeply affected by their experiences over the past few weeks. Now, with reopening underway in many parts of the world, there are new unknowns. One thing that organizational leaders can be certain of: a VUCA mindset is more critical than ever.

Adapt organizational resilience questionnaire reveal organizational vulnerabilities

The first step in developing a VUCA mindset in organizational settings is to thoroughly understand the new environment. To help organizations assess the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on employee wellbeing and work performance, Workplace Options experts designed Adapt, an organizational resilience questionnaire and report.

Built on scientifically validated resilience and stress scales, the questionnaire is designed to give insight into employee and management experiences during the quarantine stage of the COVID-19 pandemic and measures readiness for future changes. Short, simple, and easy to access, the questionnaire can be completed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone in about seven minutes.

Recommended actions target managers and employees

Once the Adapt questionnaire is completed by employees and managers, a comprehensive report with specific recommended actions relating to employee engagement and health is provided to organizational leaders. The report addresses the degree to which employees are struggling with COVID-19-related stressors, including difficulty in returning to in-person work and adapting to new work environments, as well as the traumatic effects of fear, grief, and social isolation.

Recognizing the important role managers play maintaining business continuity during and after a crisis, the report also highlights whether managers within an organization need additional support developing and strengthening their people-management skills and their understanding of the emotional side of worker motivation.

In addition to the Adapt organizational assessment questionnaire, Workplace Options offers a number of strategies to support employees who are experiencing increased stress, including 24/7 resilience support, life, and wellness coaching; mindfulness programs; and more. Additional resources specifically geared towards managers are available to help build resilience, emotional intelligence, and awareness of emotional support needs and resources.

For more information about how the Adapt organizational resilience questionnaire can help organizations rebuild a productive, healthy, and collaborative work environment, contact


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