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Local Service Partners are independent EAPs with which WPO has established strategic relationships for the delivery of global EAP services in alignment with the WPO models, processes and quality standards.

Student Wellbeing and Mental Health Resources

Helping academic institutions provide emotional and practical student mental health resources to better manage their academic, social, career, and day-to-day responsibilities.

Advancing Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

Resources and insights from subject matter experts that address burnout and access to counseling for the student community. Share the following content to champion student wellbeing across campuses.

A mental health crisis is emerging among college and university students. A remarkable one in five college and university students states they experience suicidal thoughts. Three out of five say that they’re currently living with a mental health disorder. Experts believe the COVID-19 pandemic is partially to blame, as students have had a challenging time coping with pandemic-related mental health issues and stress.

In 2022, the top five mental health challenges students faced included depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, eating disorders, and addiction. Loneliness appears to be another significant issue, as two-thirds of students in the U.S. reported feeling lonely during the fall 2020 semester. However, this isn’t just a problem U.S. students face. In 2022, 35% of students in the United Kingdom reported feeling lonely all or most of the time.


Part of the student well-being and mental health crisis appears to be due to a disconnect among college and university presidents and students. Sixty-eight percent of university presidents said student mental health is their most prominent issue in 2021. However, just 13% of students reported using mental health services on campus. There is just one counselor to every 1,000 to 2,000 students at small to medium-size schools and one counselor to every 2,000 to 3,500 students at large universities.

What can students do to combat loneliness and some other common mental health issues such as depression and anxiety? Some of the best options are to locate support through counseling centers, limit social media use, initiate conversations with fellow students, and get involved in extracurricular activities.


The Current State of Student Wellbeing

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Student Assist Program

The transition to college life can be overwhelming. Navigating academic demands and life responsibilities can cause significant stress for students, potentially impacting their academic performance, degree completion, and long-term wellbeing. Student Assist partners with colleges and universities to provide comprehensive emotional support, life coaching, and practical student mental health resources. Contact us to learn more about the Student Assist program.

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