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Training Managers for Mental Health Support

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Enhancing employees’ personal and professional development through on-site and virtual learning

Given the changes that continue to occur rapidly in our world, mental health and wellbeing have never been more important. A healthy workforce can adapt and adjust to rapidly occurring changes and disruptions. A participant recently approached WPO and requested our flagship AIR 2.0 training to ensure managers at his company were well equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for today’s climate.

The participant was keen on having the entire top management team at his company go through the AIR 2.0 training to sensitize managers around issues related to mental health. The participant also wanted top management to feel more comfortable intervening when needed and proactively promote a culture of wellbeing within their teams. The management team requested that the training be experiential and broken into smaller modules over a period of time, ensuring more ongoing engagement from the team around the topic.

In response, WPO designed a bespoke learning journey called Mental Wellbeing Matters. This consisted of three modules focused on creating awareness around mental wellbeing, learning about managers’ mental wellbeing, and creating a climate that promotes mental wellbeing amongst their team.

Before the modules began, the participants received pre-work material, which was thoroughly discussed in a workshop and a task was identified for each of the managers to engage and reflect on before the sessions began. Each workshop was kicked off by an inspirational video that showcased the importance of nurturing a culture of mental wellbeing within an organization.

The training culminated in a final session where the participants reflected on how they used their learnings since the training began and up until that point. Lastly, the sessions concluded with the participants discussing how they will continue using their learnings going forward.

The training was arranged over a 3-month period. At the conclusion of the program, the leadership team started promoting aspects of wellbeing within their teams in addition to also focusing on their own mental health.


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