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Helping Children with Social Anxiety


A concerned father sought support through the Child and Family Wellbeing plan for his 13-year-old son. The dad realized that his boy had become timid and quiet since starting secondary school. This change in behaviour was negatively impacting the son’s academic performance and confidence. The father suspected that his son was struggling with symptoms of social anxiety, possibly due to self-reported dyslexia and feelings of low self-esteem. He noted that his son found it challenging to communicate his thoughts, which became exacerbated by the father’s forceful nature. This disparity, the father explained, often made his son feel “interrogated,” which led to further withdrawal. The family consisted of both parents and a younger brother, aged 9. The dad also said that he noticed recent tensions between the siblings. 


The pediatric assessment determined that there were no significant behavioural or developmental concerns present. The father hoped that counseling would help his son articulate his difficulties with school and friendships, addressing his current difficulties in a meaningful way. 

The clinician empathised with the father, providing immediate, in-the-moment support through active listening, reflective statements, and validation for his concerns. The clinician commended the father for seeking help and next processed a referral for his son to receive in-person counselling. 


This counselling sessions aimed to explore and address the interplay between social anxiety, learning difficulties, and family dynamics that were impacting the son’s well-being and academic performance. The counsellor worked with the teen to build his confidence and improve his communication skills. This effort also enabled the boy to learn strategies to manage his social anxiety and navigate his learning challenges more effectively.  

In addition to the teenager’s difficulties at school, the sessions also addressed family dynamics, which helped both father and son develop healthier communication patterns. The clinician provided the teen with tools to express his thoughts and feelings more openly, reducing the sense of interrogation he previously felt. As a result, the son showed marked improvement in his ability to communicate and participate in school activities, leading to enhanced academic performance and increased self-esteem.  

The father was relieved and grateful for the positive changes, acknowledging the value of the support provided by the Child and Family Wellbeing plan and the importance of continued engagement with the resources available through the EAP. The father expressed gratitude, feeling heard and hopeful about the steps being taken. 


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