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Local Service Partners are independent EAPs with which WPO has established strategic relationships for the delivery of global EAP services in alignment with the WPO models, processes and quality standards.

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Child and Family Wellbeing

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Supporting Children through Divorce

  • Family Dynamics
Support for Parents and Caregivers


A female employee reached out to discuss strategies for dealing with a series of ongoing conflicts with her ex-husband. They had been separated for the past two years. Her ex-husband now resides in a different country, while she has moved on and been dating someone new for the past eight months. 

The employee feels that her ex-husband is attempting to sabotage her relationship with their child and is blackmailing her by threatening to stop monthly support payments. She suspects that her child is using the parental conflict as an opportunity to rebel at home. The employee wanted to talk about recent events. The outcomes have been challenges, ultimately resulting in her low mood. She has also faced increased work stress, because she is constantly worrying about family matters. 


The clinician provided active listening, validating the employee’s emotions, and encouraging a new level of self-compassion as she navigates the challenges of fulfilling both parental roles during these challenging times. The clinician provided additional information regarding the Child and Family Wellbeing plan, explaining how it could support her child’s needs and help mitigate the impact of the parental conflict.  

The employee expressed interest in further assistance from a Care Navigator to explore the best strategies for addressing her current circumstances. The clinician then processed the referral and explained the around-the-clock availability of EAP services, in case she needed additional support for her ongoing challenges.  


Through engagement with the Care Navigator, the employee gained valuable insights and strategies for managing the complex dynamics between her ex-husband and her child. The sessions provided counselling on effective communication techniques, co-parenting strategies, and building a supportive environment for her child.  

As both a mother and former spouse, she learned how to set boundaries with her ex-husband and address his threats in a manner that prioritized her child’s wellbeing. She also received guidance on fostering a positive relationship with her child, which helped mitigate the child’s rebellious behavior. Additionally, the coaching sessions provided tools for managing her own stress and maintaining emotional balance. As a result, the employee experienced an improvement in her mood and a reduction in work-related stress. She expressed gratitude for the comprehensive support provided by the Child and Family Wellbeing plan and the EAP, acknowledging the significant role they played in her and her child’s improved wellbeing. 

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