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Local Service Partners are independent EAPs with which WPO has established strategic relationships for the delivery of global EAP services in alignment with the WPO models, processes and quality standards.

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Trying to Lose Weight

Physical Support

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Wellness Coaching

  • Wellness Coaching
Motivating employees to improve their health and wellness

We often help participants with personal and professional goals that they struggle to accomplish on their own. For one particular individual, that meant support to reach her weight loss goals.  

The participant shared that she had hit a plateau in terms of reaching her ideal weight. She used to be active and eat healthy initially and was able to keep it up even at the beginning of the pandemic. However, when further lockdown measures were enforced in her location, she ended up having to live in hotels for a couple of months which led her to lose track of her routine.  

During the initial sessions, the coach worked with the participant to set up goals to make healthy choices in the form of being more mindful while grocery shopping, cooking at home, and not relying on ordering takeout which was her pattern for the past few months. The participant also planned to reintroduce some physical activity into her daily routine. The coach discussed how a combination of healthy eating and physical activity is key to making changes in her weight.  

During follow-up sessions with the participant, it became clear that although some things were improving for the participant (like making healthier eating choices), there was a need for the participant to find ways to unwind since she was experiencing high-stress levels which were affecting her sleeping pattern. The participant noted that her stress was building up and it was affecting her willpower to keep eating healthier and trying to be active. 

The coach discussed some activities the participant could do to unwind, like listening to music and taking long walks. The coach also introduced the participant to mindfulness and suggested a small, guided meditation. The participant welcomed the suggestion and once she started practicing meditation, she noticed how taking that break to connect with herself was allowing her to feel better. 

During the final session, the participant reported that she had started taking long walks three to four times a week and listening to music while doing so. She found her structure and was able to stick to a consistent routine. The participant was still using mindfulness when she experienced stress or anxiety.  

By the end of the sessions, the participant found that by dealing with her stress, she was eating healthier, cooking more, being active, and sleeping better. She was finally seeing the scale reflect her change in habits and started losing weight. She reported that she felt more energetic and aware of herself. The participant learned a lot about herself and the path to attaining a state where she feels good.  

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