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  • WPO Announcements
  • 1 February 2024
  • 5 min

Company Culture Drives Employee Wellbeing & Productivity

Jennifer Dart

  • 800.699.8011 x 71428

International industry leader launched consulting group to help organizations optimize performance by prioritizing people.

Workplace Options (WPO), the largest independent provider of customized wellbeing solutions, launched a consulting group   that is currently serving more than 100 companies, in over 20 countries, and in 15 languages. WPO’s goal is empowering organizations to improve business outcomes by securing a safe and healthy workplace, where employees are happier, healthier, and more productive.

Many organizations invest in services to support an employee’s wellbeing, yet these solutions may only treat the symptoms of a collectively stressed-out, burned-out workforce – an issue that continues to spike despite wellness investments. When wellbeing is prioritized, analyzed, and integrated into an organization starting at the C-suite, companies can proactively address concerns like burnout by assessing and managing psychosocial risks.

“Advancing mental health and psychosocial safety at work may call for a significant organizational change in a company’s culture, including a shift in leadership mindset,” said WPO President and CEO Alan King. “On their own, employees can only do so much to move the needle if not actively empowered by the employer.”

Countries are recognizing this shift in wellbeing responsibility from the employee to the employer. The European Union, Mexico, Chile, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Colombia are among the countries that have passed legislation requiring employers to identify, eliminate, and prevent psychosocial hazards.

“Governments around the world are enforcing organizations to secure the psychosocial safety of their environments and ensure their people are actively supported at work,” said VP of WPO Consulting Group Oliver Brecht. “To meet these mandates, companies must perform top-down reviews of their workplaces, job design, and other core elements of their business. The challenge for organizations is onboarding these fundamental shifts to their culture and DNA. We see the challenge as an opportunity for a company to enhance commercial outcomes from a more engaged and productive workforce.”

WPO, a pioneer in employee wellbeing with more than four decades in the business, is focused on helping employers dive deep into workplace issues. The new consulting group will provide companies – across industries – with bespoke strategies and agile methods for finding the root cause of workforce challenges. Once the true problem is revealed, the organization will know where to invest its resources to resolve it.

“We use a broad range of tools to get to the source of the issue, whether its overall strategy, assistance, or a situational pain point, we build custom solutions to target and achieve organizational goals,” said WPO Consulting Group Founding Partner Mary Ellen Gornick. “Our team understands every company’s challenges are as unique as their workforce. The experiences we have encountered during the past 40 years, spanning across industries, countries, and cultures, have made us experts; we know what works and what does not work.”

About Workplace Options (WPO)

Founded in 1982, Workplace Options (WPO) is the largest independent provider of holistic wellbeing solutions. Through customized programs, and a comprehensive global network of credentialed providers and professionals, WPO supports individuals to become healthier, happier, and more productive both personally and professionally. Trusted by 56 percent of Fortune 500 companies, WPO delivers high-quality care digitally and in-person to more than 79 million people across 116,000 organizations in more than 200 countries and territories.

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