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Local Service Partners

Local Service Partners are independent EAPs with which WPO has established strategic relationships for the delivery of global EAP services in alignment with the WPO models, processes and quality standards.

Whole Care Advantage

Medicare Mental Health Coverage

Whole Care Advantage addresses Medicare members’ mental health needs holistically, which improves access and quality of care while reducing cost and care disparities.

Challenges faced by Medicare members

Only 38 percent of Medicare members said they have enough coverage for mental health conditions. When they do have sufficient coverage, healthcare plans often struggle with the size and availability of their provider network. Current mental health provider capacity meets only 28 percent of America’s needs, and shortages are expected to get worse. Workplace Options has a network of 83K+ credentialed providers to address your members’ mental health needs anywhere and at any time.

Beneficiaries with mental health conditions often struggle with other structural and social determinants of health, an area of overlap that we are uniquely positioned to address given the depth and breadth of our wellbeing services.

Workplace Options' spectrum of care

In-the-Moment Counseling

The most effective support requires an exploratory conversation to fully understand the caller’s needs. Workplace Options care model focuses on the power of a good conversation and benefits of In-the-Moment counseling for when a member wants to connect live with someone who can help them immediately, at any time.

View the Power of a Good Conversation video

Geriatric Assist

This program places a local Senior Care professional in the member’s home to run a number of assessments. The results can be shared with your Care Management Team for follow-up with any observed social determinant of health needs.

Elder Care

This service provides assistance when a member needs to make the move from independent living to assisted living or a higher level of care. Our team will provide information on a number of facilities that meet the member’s requirements.

Grief Loss Change

Emotional support for those who have experienced a traumatic event, such as the death of a loved one. This confidential service promotes a return to normal life and helps restore emotional balance.

Wellness Coaching

With an emphasis on physical health, Workplace Options offers coaching help for weight management and an evidence-based tobacco cessation program. Wellness coaching programs offer personalized plans, education, and consistent support.

Benefits of a Holistic Mental Health Approach

By providing holistic Medicare mental health coverage, we help your beneficiaries live happier, healthier lives. Holistic treatments utilize the approach that the mind and body are not separate and distinct — they’re fully integrated aspects of ourselves.

For example, losing a loved one takes a dramatic toll on an individual’s mental health and wellbeing. The symptoms of depression and grief can impact your beneficiaries’ physical health. By taking a holistic approach to treating grief and other mood disorders, our counselors can address the comprehensive impact of life changes, helping your beneficiaries learn strategies to improve how they feel mentally and physically.

This philosophy can be especially beneficial to the elderly, who may be experiencing a number of lifestyle changes that make it difficult for them to adjust. Our Whole Care Advantage coverage can be the key to helping Medicare members cope with mental health challenges and live better lives as a result.

Wellbeing Case Studies

Case Study

Bullying at School

SITUATION   A working mother recently sought support through the Child and Family Wellbeing plan for her 10-year-old son, who had been experiencing bullying at school. The family had just relocated to the mother’s home country, where her son faced language barriers. Unlike his peers,…
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Case Study

Social and Academic Performance 

SITUATION   A concerned father sought support through the Child and Family Wellbeing plan for his 13-year-old son. The dad realized that his boy had become timid and quiet since starting secondary school. This change in behaviour was negatively impacting the son’s academic performance and confidence.…
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Case Study

Substance Misuse and Self-Harm Tendencies

SITUATION   A concerned mother sought assistance through the Child and Family Wellbeing plan for her 17-year-old daughter. She reported that her daughter had begun lying and hiding her occasional social use of cannabis. This behaviour caused undue stress in the family. The mother was concerned,…
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Case Study

Supporting Children through Divorce

SITUATION   A female employee reached out to discuss strategies for dealing with a series of ongoing conflicts with her ex-husband. They had been separated for the past two years. Her ex-husband now resides in a different country, while she has moved on and been dating…
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Case Study

Managing Trauma Triggers After Experiencing Assault  

A support worker who works at a residential care facility reached out for support. He explained that he had been off work since April after he had been violently assaulted onsite by one of the service users. Police were called to the scene and immediately…
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* The story above is based on a real-life situation, but details have been changed or omitted to protect the anonymity of the individual receiving support.

Case Study

  • Bullying and Harassment

SITUATION   A working mother recently sought support through the..

3 June 2024
  • Pressure to Perform

SITUATION   A concerned father sought support through the Child and..

3 June 2024

SITUATION   A concerned mother sought assistance through the Child and..

3 June 2024

SITUATION   A female employee reached out to discuss strategies for..

3 June 2024

A support worker who works at a residential care facility..

26 January 2023

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