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  • 9 March 2022
  • 5 min

Workplace Options Launches New Ukraine Crisis Resource Site

Marsha Fisher

  • 800.699.8011 x 71428

Emotional and Wellbeing Resources Support General Community

Workplace Options (WPO), one of the world’s largest providers of employee and student wellbeing services, launched its Ukraine Crisis Resource site today. The webpage provides the general public access to many of the materials the organization develops for its clients who have been impacted directly or indirectly by the crisis in Ukraine.

“Prior to the start of the conflict, our counselors were supporting individuals in Ukraine, Russia and surrounding regions who were struggling with anxiety related to the escalating tension,” shares Alan King, President and CEO of Workplace Options. “In the last week, we have experienced spikes in call volumes from other parts of the world as well, everything from emotions triggered by war footage on social media to family members seeking housing for refugees.”

WPO is no stranger to crisis situations. The company, which recently celebrated 40 years of service, has decades of experience providing emotional and practical support in the wake of natural disasters, military conflicts, and workplace disruptions. WPO also helps individuals through personal and private crisis including situations involving anxiety, stress and grief.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic started, very early on we decided that the resources we were creating to help our clients would benefit everyone. We created a website and made those materials available to the community at no cost,” shares King. “We have made the same commitment for the resources we are developing to address the situation in Ukraine.”

Currently, the resource site includes articles and webinars that address the following needs:

  • Remaining resilient during a crisis
  • Leading teams during a crisis
  • Assisting refugees
  • Managing concerns over loved ones in areas of armed conflict
  • Coping with the stress of an emergency relocation
  • Managing anxiety in times of national or international tension
  • Tips for parents regarding media coverage violent events

Key resources on the site are available in Ukrainian and Russian or in the process of being translated.

King asks that employers around the world be mindful of their employees’ emotional wellbeing in light of what is taking place in Europe. “The last two and a half year have been extremely challenging and for some, this could be a tipping point,” explains King. “Managers need to be checking in on a regular basis, especially with those employees who are fully remote.”

At WPO, King has brought in counselors to provide regular group support sessions for his staff if interested and is also encouraging them to access private, confidential counseling when needed.

To visit WPO’s Ukraine Crisis Resource site, click HERE.

Ukraine Crisis Support


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