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  • Wellness
  • 29 August 2022
  • 5 min

Workplace Options Offers Specialized Wellbeing Programs For the Arts and Entertainment Industry

Jennifer Dart

  •  703-317-7479 

Tailored programs provide care on set and post-production for cast and crew

Workplace Options (WPO), a leading provider of global wellbeing solutions, announced plans to roll out comprehensive emotional, practical, and physical wellness support for people in the Arts and Entertainment industry.

Media and production houses within this industry can access tailored programs that will foster work environments where cast and crew are psychologically healthy and able to perform at their best. Since this field relies heavily on a wide range of specialized freelancers and contractors, many of these workers do not have employee support programs or insurance that covers vital mental health services.

In a 2019 survey (Behind the Scenes Foundation) examining the mental health of U.S. employees working in film and TV, nine out of ten respondents revealed they had experienced anxiety​. Additionally, eight in ten industry workers reported symptoms of depression. More than four in ten employees had thoughts of suicide; this statistic is four times the rate for the adult population as a whole (10 percent).

People across industries endure stress related to life-work balance, and the recent study showed that 78 percent of workers in Arts and Entertainment struggle with burnout due to deadline-driven projects with tight timelines. Hours are often long and irregular, work transient, and many jobs require significant stretches of time away from home. These conditions can negatively affect relationships and create challenges for cast and crew working on media productions.

“Organizations are on the front line for educating, encouraging, and empowering their staff to engage in wellbeing support,” said Alan King, President, and CEO of Workplace Options. “We are ready to help those in Arts and Entertainment through unique and carefully crafted services that deliver immediate care. WPO understands the specialized needs of this exciting, yet demanding, industry. We can provide tailored solutions that address emotional, practical, and physical concerns so cast and crew achieve work-life success.”

WPO programs establish environments for organizations to present a safe space where their members understand that discussing and seeking treatment will never be held against them. According to the 2019 survey, 42 percent of U.S. workers in film and TV who had a mental health issue hid their problems due to fear of being fired or excluded from future work opportunities. Only seven percent of the survey participants stated they would reach out to their managers for support if they experienced a mental health condition.


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About Workplace Options

Founded in 1982, Workplace Options is the largest independent provider of holistic wellbeing solutions. Through customized programs, and a comprehensive global network of credentialed providers and professionals, WPO supports individuals to become healthier, happier, and more productive both personally and professionally. Trusted by 51 percent of Fortune 500 companies, WPO delivers high-quality care digitally and in-person to more than 75 million people across 116,000 organizations in more than 200 countries and territories.

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