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  • WPO Announcements
  • 25 April 2023
  • 5 min

Workplace Options Releases Report on the Impact of EAP Short-Term Counseling

Jennifer Dart

  • 703-317-749

Global Provider of Employee Wellbeing Support Releases Report Impact of EAP Short-Term Counseling

RALEIGH, N.C., April 26, 2023Workplace Options (WPO), the largest independent provider of holistic wellbeing solutions worldwide, released: The Impact of EAP Short-Term Counseling on Wellness . The report examines the number of WPO counseling sessions an individual needs to progress from a clinical state of distress to a clinical state of wellbeing. Data was collected from counseling cases of 26,834 global participants who received WPO’s video, telephonic, and in-person EAP (employee assistance program) services between 2017 – 2021. The data revealed that an individual needs five WPO counseling sessions, per presenting issue, to achieve a clinical state of wellbeing. The average wellness gain for participants was 29 percent across all three modalities: video, telephonic, and in-person counseling.

Furthermore, the study showed that all three modalities were equally effective when compared to each other. The average gain was statistically significant to the 99 percent level of confidence, which means that this gain was a direct result of WPO’s short-term counseling services. Participants achieved the greatest gains between the first and third sessions; 60 percent of participant improvement occurred during this time. The rate of gain decreased after five sessions because the participant was already in a state of wellbeing.

“In recent years, the value of EAP services has been top of mind for business leaders worldwide,” said clinical psychologist Stephen Galliano, WPO Chief Customer Officer. “Our findings demonstrate that, not only do EAP sessions lead to significant clinical improvements in an employee’s mental health, but that professional counseling delivered through scheduled telephonic or video sessions are equally as effective. Our results also challenge a previous perception that short-term counseling cannot help people with high distress levels. This study verifies that individuals with high distress levels display the greatest mental health gains through short-term interventions.”

The study is significant because it attests that WPO’s short-term mental health interventions are statistically effective in supporting people who are suffering from both severe and moderate levels of clinical distress. After five sessions, all participants had reached a clinical state of wellness. WPO’s services achieve positive outcomes; 88 percent of participants who received short-term counseling through WPO’s employee assistance program reported improvement in their wellbeing. This outcome has a higher margin compared to global counseling research figures which indicate improvements for just 80 percent of participants.

WPO is unique in its approach to providing holistic health solutions; the company applies the “power of a good conversation” when helping an individual get to the “heart” of an issue. WPO’s service is human-centered; when a person connects to its EAP support, they immediately talk to a qualified, empathetic professional who speaks their local language.

The company started helping people more than 40 years ago by supporting working parents with their childcare and other work-life needs. WPO now serves more than 79 million people from 116,000+ organizations in more than 200 countries and territories.


Infographic: The Impact of Short-Term Counseling

White Paper: The Impact of EAP Short-Term Counseling on Wellness 

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About Workplace Options (WPO)

Founded in 1982, Workplace Options (WPO) is the largest independent provider of holistic wellbeing solutions. Through customized programs, and a comprehensive global network of credentialed providers and professionals, WPO supports individuals to become healthier, happier, and more productive both personally and professionally. Trusted by 51 percent of Fortune 500 companies, WPO delivers high-quality care digitally and in-person to more than 79 million people across 116,000 organizations in more than 200 countries and territories.


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