Your Member Benefits Website features include:

  • Access to online articles with helpful information
  • Ability to submit an online form asking a counselor to contact you
  • Topics covering working life, wellness, parenting, management, etc.

Your Customer Hub features include:

  • Automated headcount updates in UCMS
  • Invoicing reflective of the active populations under your account
  • Access reporting with case trends, disruptive issues, utilisation

Local Service Partners

Local Service Partners are independent EAPs with which WPO has established strategic relationships for the delivery of global EAP services in alignment with the WPO models, processes and quality standards.

Employee Wellness Solutions For The Retail Industry

Working in the retail sector can be demanding for associates, with many trying to balance their work schedules and their home life. Employers who want their workforce to be happier and healthier can achieve this with the help of an employee assistance plan (EAP) administered through Workplace Options. Our extensive range of wellbeing services makes us the top choice for a retail EAP that gives your employees the support they need to be successful.

Our Comprehensive Solutions

When you choose us to provide you with an associate assistance program for your team, they can receive comprehensive wellbeing solutions. We provide EAP support for the retail industry based on a holistic, participant-centered approach that focuses on employees’ emotional, physical, and practical needs.

For example, our services for wellbeing in retail can address the various emotional stressors your employees can face. Whether they struggle with work-life balance or need counseling to help them overcome stress, we provide compassionate, solution-focused guidance that can help them achieve higher levels of satisfaction. In terms of promoting physical health, our wellness coaching expertise can offer support to employees managing chronic conditions or seeking to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Providing practical support can make a tremendous difference for retail workers, and we also offer a number of programs to help ease their burden in many respects. Whether it’s helping new parents return to the workforce, offering life coaching to help them cope with changes, or easing the transition back to work after a long-term illness, we can give your team members the guidance they need.

Why Choose Workplace Options?

You need your employees to be at their best so they will provide the level of service your customers expect and deserve. This is why an EAP administered by Workplace Options can make a big difference. Our caring professionals are here and ready to give your team the support and advice they need to affect positive changes in virtually all aspects of their lives. When your employees are happy and secure, it will be reflected in how they approach their work. To learn more about all the benefits our capabilities can deliver for your retail operations, reach out and speak with one of our helpful representatives today.