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  • VUCA
  • 23 September 2020
  • 5 min

Workplace Options Introduces AIR 2.0: Leading in a VUCA World, a Manager Training Program for the Pandemic-Disrupted Work Environment

Marsha Fisher

  • 800.699.8011 x 71428

Workplace Options announced the launch of “AIR 2.0: Leading in a VUCA World,” a manager training program specifically designed for today’s work environment — in which volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) are intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The acronym “VUCA” has been used by organizations for some time, gaining currency in recent years to describe the accelerating pace of change in many industries. The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the challenge of rapid flux and uncertainty for large and small organizations around the world, and placed a new burden of leadership on supervisors and managers.

“Every organization has its unique challenges and opportunities in this COVID-19 world,” says Alan King, President and Chief Executive Officer at Workplace Options. “But what they all share is the need to recognize and respect the human factor – the physical, emotional, and social components that impact worker behavior. Companies need their people to be motivated, engaged, and aligned with shifting strategies, even when fear, anxiety, and family concerns compete for their attention.”

Front-line managers and supervisors can play a critical role in helping resolve the work-life tension. They are in a position to recognize signs of trauma and stress in their people and steer employees in appropriate ways to available help and support. In the same way, managers need to pay close attention to their own energy levels and resilience.

“AIR 2.0: Leading in a VUCA World” helps managers:

  • Recognize and gauge the level of anxiety, distraction, and disengagement among their employees
  • Respond to employee stress and anxiety with appropriate interventions, within the “zone of helpfulness” (neither under-involved nor over-involved)
  • Promote employee resilience and engagement
  • Manage their own (the managers’) energy levels in order to optimize performance, paying attention to the balance of energy-draining and energy-restoring activities in their lives
  • Offered virtually, AIR 2.0 includes interactive sessions featuring case studies tailored to participants. In addition, managers receive Leading in a VUCA World, A Playbook, which includes the Anxiety Scale tool and the Manager Energy Audit.

“AIR 2.0: Leading in a VUCA World” is available globally and can be provided in multiple languages. It is built on the concepts of the popular and effective “Awareness, Intervention, and Resilience (AIR)” manager training, which Workplace Options introduced in 2018

For more information about “AIR 2.0: Leading in a VUCA World” and Workplace Options’ products and services, contact us at


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