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AIR 2.0 Leading in a VUCA World

AIR 2.0 Leading in a VUCA World informs managers how emotional issues are manifested in the workplace and how to intervene in the most appropriate way

Solution Features

Awareness, combined with intervention strategies and options to enhance resilience skills, equips managers with the knowledge and competency to lead during these exceptional times.

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HR Managers, all people managers, line managers, and supervisors. The course is tailored to the specific organizational needs, industry priorities, and business climate.


The 3-hour virtual session is highly interactive, using case studies, small breakout groups and interactive chats. The format can be modified to include two 90-minute sessions if better suited for scheduling.

Benefits of Attendance:

At the end of the 3-hour virtual session, participants will be able to:

– understand the role of anxiety caused by uncertainty and ambiguous conditions

– understand the signs and symptoms of trauma caused by a VUCA environment

– understand the impact of changes made by the organization and how to best navigate changes within their teams

– recognize the influence and impact of external events (media) on team members

– implement risk-mitigation procedures and remote work priorities equitably

– utilize the Anxiety Scale to gauge wellbeing of team members

– utilize the Manager Energy Audit to ensure positive energy reserves to manage challenging situations

– practice effective communication strategies to build trust

– effectively manage sensitive situations by staying in the “Zone of Helpfulness”

– apply resilience principles to build collaborative teams

At the completion of the course, each participant receives a certificate of completion and AIR2.0 Leading in a VUCA World, A Playbook, which includes content covered in the session including the Anxiety Scale tool and the Manager Energy Audit.

How Does AIR2.0 Leading in a VUCA World Differ from AIR Program for Managers?

AIR for Managers focuses on Awareness, Intervention, and Resilience within the context of stresses and pressures that are present in the workforce. AIR 2.0 expands the original AIR program to ensure its effectiveness in the “new normal” of today’s work environment. AIR 2.0 zeroes in on the levels of anxiety created in a VUCA environment and considers a heightened emphasis on the human factor when managing virtual teams and essential workers. New tools have been created for AIR 2.0 giving managers practice using the Anxiety Scale tool to understand how anxiety is impacting team members.

The Importance of VUCA Leadership Training in Today’s Workplace

The world of business is changing faster than ever before, and it’s imperative that leaders and managers have all the necessary skills to meet the challenges of the VUCA world. VUCA is an acronym that stands for “volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity,” all of which are key characteristics of today’s business landscape. This is why VUCA leadership development programs such as ours are so important for preparing managers to be the most effective leaders they can be.

One of the primary advantages of VUCA leadership training is how it provides managers with awareness and strategies for recognizing and managing emotional issues in the workplace. Knowing how anxiety impacts behavior in uncertain situations, recognizing the signs of trauma and effectively managing delicate situations are critical competencies for those in a leadership position, In addition, our VUCA course gives managers the tools they need to navigate changes within their teams, mitigate their risks, and effectively prioritize remote work.

Perhaps most importantly, VUCA leadership training stresses the importance of creating resilience and collaboration within teams. For example, the Manager Audit Tool helps leaders ensure positive energy reserves to manage the most challenging situations. With effective communication strategies and the application of resilience principles, you can help foster trust and build greater collaboration.

Wellbeing Case Studies

Case Study

Bullying at School

SITUATION   A working mother recently sought support through the Child and Family Wellbeing plan for her 10-year-old son, who had been experiencing bullying at school. The family had just relocated to the mother’s home country, where her son faced language barriers. Unlike his peers,…
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Case Study

Social and Academic Performance 

SITUATION   A concerned father sought support through the Child and Family Wellbeing plan for his 13-year-old son. The dad realized that his boy had become timid and quiet since starting secondary school. This change in behaviour was negatively impacting the son’s academic performance and confidence.…
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Case Study

Substance Misuse and Self-Harm Tendencies

SITUATION   A concerned mother sought assistance through the Child and Family Wellbeing plan for her 17-year-old daughter. She reported that her daughter had begun lying and hiding her occasional social use of cannabis. This behaviour caused undue stress in the family. The mother was concerned,…
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Case Study

Supporting Children through Divorce

SITUATION   A female employee reached out to discuss strategies for dealing with a series of ongoing conflicts with her ex-husband. They had been separated for the past two years. Her ex-husband now resides in a different country, while she has moved on and been dating…
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Case Study

Managing Trauma Triggers After Experiencing Assault  

A support worker who works at a residential care facility reached out for support. He explained that he had been off work since April after he had been violently assaulted onsite by one of the service users. Police were called to the scene and immediately…
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* The story above is based on a real-life situation, but details have been changed or omitted to protect the anonymity of the individual receiving support.

Case Study

  • Bullying and Harassment

SITUATION   A working mother recently sought support through the..

3 June 2024
  • Pressure to Perform

SITUATION   A concerned father sought support through the Child and..

3 June 2024

SITUATION   A concerned mother sought assistance through the Child and..

3 June 2024

SITUATION   A female employee reached out to discuss strategies for..

3 June 2024

A support worker who works at a residential care facility..

26 January 2023

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